For the 6th year in a row, ISHN held its annual Readers' Choice Awards to find the best occupational health and safety products from 2018. Thousands of ISHN subscribers voted online for their favorite personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety equipment suppliers. The categories selected from all major personal protection equipment types, including safety equipment, eye protection, fall protection, respiratory protection, and more.

All category winners will receive recognition in ISHN media and a commemorative award. Voting for this contest ran from March 1 to April 29 of 2018, and lucky voters received gift cards during the voting process.

Product categories are listed in alphabetical order. Click on winner name for more information.

   2018 Readers' Choice Winners List

SmooshKit compact oil/fuel spill control pack

The SmooshKit compact oil/fuel spill control packs are engineered to fit into the smallest nooks and crannies of trucks and mobile equipment. Thanks to innovative absorbent fiber design, and the proprietary smooshing technology, SmooshKit brand kits are pressure and vacuum packed to require 1/5th the space of of traditional oil spill kits. Frontline workers can now carry 3- to 7.8-gallon oil/fuel spill control kits in spaces as small as seat pockets, allowing them to have enough spill control materials on hand when accidental oil and fuel spills happen in the field.

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Arc Flash/Flame Resistant-

Westex by Milliken UltraSoft® Flex

Westex UltraSoft® Flex FR fabric is designed to bend with your workers as they move in their jobs — giving them enhanced comfort and greater mobility while they work. Plus, they’ll have the excellent softness, shrinkage control and guaranteed flame resistance that’s only possible with Westex by Milliken’s advanced, proprietary engineering process.

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Hazmat Protective Suits-

MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec™ 68-1800 COMFORT

MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec™ 68-1800 COMFORT coverall is designed to protect against light liquid splash and hazardous dusts. This coverall is silicone free, low linting and anti-static, and is ideal for a wide range of applications, including composites, general maintenance, paint spraying and surface preparation.

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High Visibility-

GORE® FR Apparel

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., has introduced high-visibility orange and high-visibility yellow options to its new line of GORE® FR Apparel products – performance FR outerwear garments that offer an ideal balance of protection, comfort, and durability for oil & gas workers in physically demanding and extreme environmental conditions. The new high-visibility yellow and high-visibility orange garments meet or exceed ANSI 107-15 Type R, Class 2 and CSA Z96-15, Class 2, Level 2. The full jacket and bib ensemble in hi-vis yellow or orange achieves ANSI 107-15 Type R, Class 3 and CSA Z96-15, Class 3, Level 2.

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CrewSafe® - X-traSafe® Cartridge Knife

The X-traSafe® Cartridge Knife is a safety utility knife uses a replaceable cartridge based design. The knife's blade (high strength, stainless steel) is only exposed when the knife is engaged. When the knife is not engaged, a clear safeguard protects the blade, ensuring user safety. When the knife is not in use, the X-traSafe Cartridge Knife can be manually lock. The cartridge is easily replaced using a buckle design, simply clip out and clip in a new cartridge to replace the old. This knife allows workers to avoid interacting with loose razor blades. It also contains a tape splitting feature.

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General Products & Services-

SPILL MASTER™! Wic-Dry Technologies

SPILL MASTER™! Wic-Dry Technologies’ World-Wide Patent pending technology evacuates up all types of liquid spills (beverages, blood, urine, even gasoline and chlorine), including higher viscosity substances (such as; shampoos, motor oil and paints) and does so in seconds (not minutes), and deposits the waste in self-contained reservoirs – so there is no spread of the hazard or cross contamination of the spill substance. The World is always improving with new technology which now holds true for cleaning up spills and wet areas.

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Management Software-

Convergence Incident Management System (IMS)

The Convergence IMS (Incident Management System) helps companies quickly and intuitively record, investigate, and report workplace injuries, illnesses, and near-misses. Available as a stand-alone software, integrated into the Convergence LMS, or as a mobile app, the IMS automatically produces compliant forms, including OSHA 300, 300A, 301, MSHA 7000-1, and DOT Recordable Accident, for seamless submittal of required reporting.

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Emergency Eyewash-

15-Gallon Portable Eyewash by Haws

Model 7603 is a 15-gallon, self-contained portable eyewash with optional drench hose and is an ideal, cost-efficient solution for a facility’s ANSI eyewash requirements in locations without access to a continuous potable water source. The unit provide approximately 10 usable gallons (37.9 liters) of water for effective rinsing of the eyes, face or body. Certified to ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014. Note: Reference the Supplemental Equipment section [8.0] of the ANSI Z358.1-2014 regarding Drench Hose compliance.

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Emergency Shower-

Emergency Overhead Tank Shower by Haws

The Haws model 8740 Emergency Overhead Tank Shower is a pre-engineered and self-contained unit designed for indoor and non-extreme outdoor climate installations. It is ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 and EN 15154 compliant as a standalone shower at 60 - 100° F (16 - 38° C) ambient temperature. It's compact unit height allows for installations in locations with limited space. This base model allows for many enhanced options including AXION® MSR Eye/Face Wash, Fiberglass Privacy Panels, Tank Temperature Gauge, Scald and Freeze Valves, Light and Alarm, Immersion Heater, Auto-Fill Valve, Level Indicator, Proximity Switch, and Chiller.

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Werner ProForm F3 Harnesses

The Werner ProForm™ F3 high-performance harness protects workers in high-risk environments from fall-related injuries. The harness protects against harness-related injuries before rescue workers arrive. The product features a patented relief cord system, which allows the user to relieve possible deadly pressure on femoral arteries and pressure on the clavicle, typically caused by harness straps in post-fall condition. In the event of a fall, workers wearing a Werner ProForm™ F3 harness can simply pull the patented relief cords to adjust the built-in seat and achieve the 'Gravity Override' position, reducing the potential hazards of suspension trauma.

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Energysole by MEGAComfort

Work-life wellness is being redefined and it starts with your feet. MEGAComfort, the market leaders in anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics have engineered the Energysole, the ultimate blend of comfort and technology. Combining state-of-the-art sensors with their dual layer memory foam insole, Energysole generates performance data and step by step analysis in real time to empower users to improve their daily activities both at work and at home.

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Chemical Resistant-

Microflex® 93-850 by Ansell

Microflex® 93-850 disposable gloves represent the ultimate in barrier protection for workers in demanding environments. These soft, durable nitrile gloves provide 2X more chemical splash resistance than nitrile gloves of a similar weight. And because they exceed the highest known standard for barrier integrity, Microflex 93-850 gloves significantly reduce the risk of harmful exposures for workers in the automotive, machinery and equipment, life sciences, chemical and food processing industries. These innovative single use gloves offer the strength, durability and chemical splash protection needed for tough jobs, and longer wear times.

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Cut Resistant-

Magid® DX™ Technology Cut Resistant Hand and Arm Protection

Magid’s DX™ Technology, the latest innovation in cut protection and comfort, is cool to the touch and 20% lighter than traditional HPPE. Infused with strength-enhancing micro particles, DX delivers cut resistance without the fiberglass or steel that can irritate workers’ skin. Perfect for jobs that require handling sharp materials, DX Technology gives you protection that’s so comfortable, your workers will forget they’re wearing it! •DXG22 – General purpose comfort in an ANSI Cut Level A3 glove •DXG42 – The lightest ANSI Cut Level A4 glove on the market •DXS – The lightest ANSI Cut Level A4 sleeve on the market

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General (All Purpose)-

HyFlex® 11-939 by Ansell

HyFlex® 11-939 is the lightest weight, cut-resistant and oil-repellent glove on the market, providing full protection and enhanced safety in applications with heavy oil exposure. It offers strengthened failure zones, an ultra-lightweight design for all-day comfort, improved grip performance for safer handling and increased durability for extended use life. HyFlex 11-939 is made for advanced protection, grip and comfort. This glove is ideal for the automotive, machinery and equipment, and metal fabrication industries.

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High Visibility-

Magid® T-REX® Windstorm™ Series TRX743 CoolMesh™ Back Goatskin Leather Palm Impact Glove – Cut Level A6

The TRX743 Impact Glove is designed to protect hands from impacts and cuts while maximizing comfort. The CoolMesh™ Venting System enhances airflow by up to 60%, allowing faster heat dissipation than traditional impact gloves. The back-of-hand M-Flex™ Defense System uses a high-visibility, ultra-flex TPR design with 130 integrated flex points and ventilation for breathability. The goatskin leather palm provides dexterity and abrasion resistance with a palm cushion system to dampen impact. Additional TPR between thumb and index finger secures pinch points while the thumb saddle adds durability. It’s a cool, comfortable, breathable glove your workers won’t want to take off!

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Safety and Health Applications-

myCority by Cority

myCority is the next-generation, mobile-responsive extension of Cority's industry-leading, enterprise-grade environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software. myCority enables the immediate completion of critical EHSQ activities anytime, anywhere - regardless of device or location. myCority puts your health and safety initiatives in the palm of each employee's hand - empowering your workforce to complete assigned tasks and corrective actions, capture and submit accurate and standardized data to drive real-time decision making, and foster a strong safety and sustainability culture across the enterprise.

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MSDS Management-

MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management Mobile App

The newly released MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management Mobile App from VelocityEHS delivers on- and off-line access to SDSs and the ability to quickly scan chemical container barcodes and manage chemical inventory information all in one convenient mobile solution. The app helps anyone working with hazardous chemicals, but is especially valuable for workers in remote areas where internet access is limited or unavailable. And, because it syncs directly to an MSDSonline HQ or HQ RegXR Account, everyone who accesses the account has the same up-to-date hazardous chemical information no matter how it’s accessed.

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Full Mask-

RPB T-Link

Designed to work with you, not against you! Gone are the days of having to fight against a Tyvek® respirator. The RPB® T-Link® moves with the operator anywhere they turn. Features include option of lightweight bump cap or certified hard hat protection, helmet padding resulting in even weight distribution, full visor to ensure the lens never hits your nose, extra tuck-in collar to aid with cooling, optional Z87+ safety lens, in-helmet communication system, and ear defender system. Made in USA.

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CleanSpace2 Respirator

Cleanspace2 Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) are the latest in respiratory protection technology. Designed for high protection with superior comfort and ease-of-use for most working environments. The CleanSpace2 Respirator is a category leader for its innovative compact, lightweight and economic design – allowing for long periods of wear with battery life up to 8 hours and a soft silicone mask. CleanSpace2 has no traditional hoses, belts and heavy waist-mounted battery packs. In fact, it is the smallest and lightest PAPR in the world, weighing less 1.5 lb. With a focus on improved protection, CleanSpace2 delivers unprecedented compliance and employer economics.

CleanSpace2 Respirator


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Avery® Surface Safe™ Sign Labels

Avery Surface Safe Sign Labels are laser and inkjet printable adhesive sign labels with proprietary Surface Safe™ construction that adhere strongly but won’t damage walls or paint and won’t leave a messy residue when removed. They’re an easy, cost-effective way to create safety and compliance signs on demand.

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Electrical Safety Training (NFPA 70E) 2 hour program

Facility Results’ NFPA 70E Training Program focuses on the practical application of the standard and emphasizes best practices for identifying and avoiding the hazards associated with arc flash. These best practices have the potential to save lives, can prevent disabling personnel injuries and damage to buildings and equipment, and help your organization meet OSHA training obligations outlined in CFR 1910.331-335. Our arc flash training experts have extensive field knowledge and standards experience. They pride themselves on using expanded techniques—beyond just lecturing—to show attendees why compliance is important to their well-being.

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