Pharmaceutical processing facilities that produce high concentrations of fine, hazardous, combustible and nuisance dust need an industrial dust collector that keeps workers safe and is easy to maintain on the plant floor or in production suites. The Quad Pulse Package dust collector from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) delivers high-performance and validated safety features in a compact unit that fits easily into a solid dose manufacturing facility's floor plan.

The Quad Pulse Package is designed specifically to capture fugitive dust produced by mixing/blending, drying, coating, tableting or packaging processes that don’t require more than 600 cfm airflow. It uses a bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) system that provides full dust containment to protect workers and prevent cross-contamination to ensure safe change-out at the primary filter, HEPA filter and dust discharge stages.

The unit's explosion resistant design provides the highest protection in accordance with NFPA combustible dust standards. The Quad Pulse Package can safely contain an explosion event without the need for additional safety devices, and it can be safely installed indoors close to the processing area.

The unit is compact enough (49”-wide x 42”-deep x 87”-high) to be positioned on the production floor close to the dust source. This indoor installation capability reduces the need for long duct runs and allows easy access for maintenance. 

The Quad Pulse Package's segmented cleaning of the filter cartridge allows for cleaning during operation, which improves the production process and product quality control along with reduced back-pressure to the upstream equipment. The primary pleated filter comes in an anti-static nano fiber or PTFE media and offers exceptional dust release for extended life, energy savings and reduced change-out schedules. It also prolongs the service life of the second-stage HEPA H14 filter that provides 99.995 percent efficiency to capture the finest, most harmful dust particles. The HEPA filter also functions as a tested flame and contamination barrier.

In addition to pharmaceutical operations, the Quad Pulse Package is applicable for a range of applications within other industries with similar technical demands, including the chemical industry, cosmetics and nuclear industries.

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