Building on BrandSafway’s long-standing tradition of safety excellence, 20 of its refinery and plant crews earned the Contractor Safety Achievement Award from the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) association based on the crews’ outstanding safety records in 2017.

"Safety is our top priority, and we are tremendously honored to have 20 of our refinery and plant crews recognized by the AFPM,” said Paul Amedee, BrandSafway vice president of environmental health and safety. “These awards reflect the commitment to and culture of safety our on-site employees and contractors live by every day."

BrandSafway was honored on May 16, 2018, at the Safety Awards Event during the 2018 National Occupational & Process Safety Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. BrandSafway crews receiving the 2017 honor include:

  • California
    Chevron Richmond Refinery; and Valero Benicia Refinery
  • Delaware
    Delaware City Refinery
  • Illinois
    Wood River Refinery
  • Louisiana
    Baton Rouge Chemical Plant (ExxonMobil); Carville Styrenics Plant; Chalmette Refinery; Formosa Plastics (Baton Rouge); Geismar Works; Norco Chemical Plant (Shell); Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery; St. Charles Operations (Dow); Shell Convent Refinery; Valero Meraux and Valero St. Charles Refinery
  • Texas
    Cedar Bayou Petrochemical Plant
  • Washington
    Anacortes Refinery; BP Cherry Point Refinery; Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery; and Shell Puget Sound Refinery

The AFPM awards program promotes safe work practices and accident prevention in the 117 refineries and more than 230 petrochemical manufacturing facilities the association represents. The Contractor Safety Achievement Award recognizes maintenance contractors working a minimum of 20,000 hours per calendar year at a regular AFPM-member facility that has achieved a total recordable incident rate of 0.6 or less with no workplace-related fatality during the calendar year. The AFPM Safety Awards are part of a comprehensive safety awards program developed by the association’s Safety & Health Committee.

“In our industries, safety is paramount, and something in which we take great pride and hold ourselves to the highest standards,” said Chet Thompson, president and CEO of AFPM. He added, “(These award) recipients represent leaders within our industries, and we are pleased to acknowledge their excellent safety records, proactive programs, and impressive safety cultures.”

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