Cirrus Environmental has teamed up with airport noise specialists Casper to launch a new state of the art system which provides real-time information on flights and noise at Edinburgh Airport.

The project centres around Casper Noiselab, a new noise and track monitoring system that increases the transparency around noise tracking analysis.It connects seamlessly with the Cirrus' fixed Galactus Integration Noise Monitor as well as its mobile sound level monitors to provide comprehensive and responsive coverage across the local area.

The real time data is used and communicated to the local communities via the Casper Noiselab System that not only improves the analysis, but also helps streamline the processing of complaints, allowing the airport to respond quickly to community concerns.

Edinburgh Airport employees were involved in refining the bespoke system, for example advising on the formatting and content of the residents' response templates that are a key feature of the feedback process.

To further improve communications with local residents a public website was set up with live flight tracks and noise data that enables visitors to find out more information about specific noise and flight activity in their area.

"The Galactus is ideal for this type of application as it is designed to integrate with a range of different bespoke systems and is especially suited to aviation and aircraft noise," said Craig Storey, Cirrus Environmental General Manager and Project lead. "It is also designed to be used in multiple use systems, for example a client who may wish to monitor noise and air quality at the same time."

Comprising a processor unit and a fully weather protected microphone system, the Galactus meet the Class 1 requirements of IEC 61672 and IEC 61260 and can provide a comprehensive set of user configurable acoustic data parameters via an industry standard RS232 protocol.

The Galactus instruments also provide the acoustic information required to calculate the parameters defined in ISO 20906:2009 making the units ideal for the monitoring and measurement of unattended aircraft noise.

The Casper NoiseLab technology also enabled residents to conduct their own analysis and access relevant reports and provides information on individual aircraft operations such as the aircraft noise level, altitude of the flight, and aircraft type.

Launched in June, the website enjoyed a positive debut with local residents describing it as "brilliant". One post went on to say: "This is a great tool!, information available very useful and website put together very well."

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport added: "We appreciate that aircraft noise can cause issues for our neighbouring communities and we are mindful of the potential impacts it can have and how to best mitigate them. We want communities to be informed and to better understand noise and through that will come greater trust and a better working relationship.

This system will help us with that as it provides increased transparency around our operations, offering up-to-the-minute information on flights. Providing this information allows people to draw up their own reports and evaluate the data for themselves before asking us questions. We're confident this system will prove to be extremely useful and is another example of the innovative approach that we take at Edinburgh Airport."

Heleen Erkamp CEO at Casper concluded: "We are very excited to have helped Edinburgh Airport to improve management of noise abatement and enhance community engagement. There has been great collaborationand we are very proud of the result." Further details go to

Product Spec: CR:465 Galactus Integration Noise Monitor

  1. The ideal acoustic front end for airport & noise monitoring systems
  2. Industry standard RS232 data stream with user configurable parameters
  3. Designed for simple integration with external data loggers and environmental monitoring systems
  4. Data provided every 1 or 0.5 seconds with acoustic data points up to every 1/16th second
  5. Provides all of the data required by ISO 20906:2009 "Acoustics – Unattended monitoring of aircraft sound in the vicinity of airports"
  6. Weather protected outdoor microphone with 200mm dual layer windscreen
  7. Electrostatic calibration system with calibration check & verification functions
  8. Automatic GPS synchronisation with time, date & location data

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