An OSHA investigation into a worker fatality at an Ohio country club uncovered a host of safety violations.

Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club in Gahanna, Ohio, which has what it describes on its website as “175 scenic acres of landscaped grounds, dense forest, hills and fields” was the site of a fatal accident after a lawnmower a worker was operating tipped over.

Company didn't report the fatality

OSHA inspectors determined the business exposed employees to rollover hazards because there was no roll bar installed on the mower. Additionally, Rocky Fork was cited for failing to:

  • develop and implement an emergency action plan
  • maintain accurate injury and illness records
  • report the fatality as required and for
  • exposing workers to chemical hazards

Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club faces proposed penalties of $25,869.

“Employers have a legal obligation to report fatalities to OSHA within eight hours. A workplace free of hazards is a requirement, not an option,” said OSHA Columbus Area Office Director Larry Johnson. “When equipment is operated on a slope or embankment, rollover protection must be installed.”