ACGIH® is pleased to announce new members for its 2019 Board of Directors and its 2019 Nominating Committee.

ACGIH®’s membership elected three (3) members to serve as Directors on the Board of Directors. They are:

Thomas J. (T.J.) Lentz, PhD. Dr. Lentz is a lead health scientist/research occupational hygienist and Chief of the Document Development Branch with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NIOSH/CDC). Dr. Lentz conducts research to evaluate occupational and environmental hazards, with projects and interests that include: investigation of small business industries and their hazards; assessment of safety hazards in construction trades; and evaluation of toxicology and epidemiology data on chemical and physical agents to determine health risks and appropriate prevention strategies. Dr. Lentz is particularly interested in studying how design, planning, and control engineering can be used to address safety and health challenges in the work environment. Major duties include developing informational materials and guidance for other agencies, industry, labor groups, and the public. Dr. Lentz previously served as the Policy Response Coordinator for the Institute. Dr. Lentz has been an active member of both ACGIH® and AIHA since 1993, serving on multiple committees including the following: ACGIH® Small Business Committee (Chair); ACGIH® International Committee; AIHA Control Banding Working Group (past-Chair); and the AIHA-NIOSH Partnership Committee.  He is also a Fellow of AIHA. Dr. Lentz has also served on scientific working panels with the National Academies, the World Health Organization, and the International Labour Organization. Dr. Lentz will serve a three-year term.

COL(R) Mary S. Lopez, PhD, CPE. COL Lopez retired from military service after 33 years as an Army officer. She currently serves as the Chair of the ACGIH® Threshold Limit Values for Physical Agents (TLV®-PA) Committee. Dr. Lopez has been an active member of the Committee since 2004, serving as a subject matter expert in Ergonomics and Human Factors, Vice Chair (2005-2010) and Chair (2010-2018). She is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and a licensed Occupational Therapist. COL Lopez served as Chair of the DOD Ergonomics Working Group and has held numerous positions on Army and DOD Occupational Safety and Health Committees and Working Groups. She has held academic appointments at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. COL Lopez served as the Assistant Chief, Army Medical Specialist Corps and the Chief, Occupational Therapist (2005-2008). She was the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics, Telemedicine, and Rehabilitation Manager for the Europe Regional Medical Command (2008-2009) and the Director of Strategic Initiatives / 360° for the Bavaria Medical Department Activity (2010-2011). She developed the 360° Course for the Grafenwoehr Military Community, a unique holistic health, wellness, and resiliency military leadership course. COL Lopez is presently offering 360° courses at military installations across the Department of Defense. Dr. Lopez will serve a three-year term.

Nancy E. Wilk, CIH. Ms. Wilk is a Principal and Senior Practice Leader in Industrial Hygiene and Environment, Health and Safety with Golder Associates Ltd. (Golder) located in the Toronto, Canada area. She has been certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene since 1986 through the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH). Ms. Wilk has been a member of ACGIH® intermittently over her career and most recently rejoined in 2015. She is the Past-President and former Director on the Board of Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario (OHAO) and a longstanding member of OHAO and AIHA. Ms. Wilk holds a Master of Health Science degree specializing in Occupational Hygiene from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Ms. Wilk was Golder’s Global Vice President of Health, Safety, Security and Environment from 2012 to 2017. She was employed for 10 years with the Ontario Ministry of Labour as a Provincial Offences Officer and Occupational Hygiene Consultant. Ms. Wilk has 20 years of experience as a health and safety and IH consultant in addition to leading McMaster University’s EHS and risk management services. She has worked with labour, management, members of the public, as well as government agencies to address a broad spectrum of occupational health and safety issues and facilitate resolutions. She has authored several scientific journal articles related to industrial hygiene, delivered papers to conferences attended by her peers, and enjoys speaking about occupational hygiene as a great career option for today’s youth. Ms. Wilk will serve a three-year term.

The 2019 ACGIH® Nominating Committee includes three elected members who will serve a one-year term. They are:

David M. Rempel, MD, MPH, CPE. Dr. Rempel is emeritus professor of bioengineering at the University of California at Berkeley and occupational medicine at UC San Francisco. The focus of his laboratory is on understanding mechanisms of injury to the musculoskeletal system, quantifying workplace physical risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, and designing and evaluating engineering interventions for preventing workplace injuries. Dr. Rempel is a member of the ACGIH® Threshold Limit Values for Physical Agents (TLV®-PA) Committee.

Candace Su-Jung Tsai, ScD, CIH. Dr. Tsai is a Senior Assistant Professor at Colorado State University and a Certified Industrial Hygienist. She has served as the Director of the Industrial Hygiene Training Program at Purdue University. Her research focuses on exposure assessment and engineering controls on airborne substances with emphasis on nanomaterials. Dr. Tsai is a Member Candidate of the ACGIH® Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances (TLV®-CS) Committee.

John S. Morawetz, ScM. Mr. Morawetz served on the ACGIH® Board of Directors from 2013-2016 and was its Treasurer from 2015-2016. He is the Director of the International Chemical Workers Union Council (ICWUC) Center for Worker Health and Safety Education in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Morawetz has built the Center into a nationally recognized worker training Center that operates as a Consortium of 11 trade union organizations with the University of Cincinnati.

These three elected members will be joined by the three Board Members whose terms expire in 2018 – Bill Groves, PhD, MPH, CIH, CSP; Carrie Harding, MSPH, CIH; and Audrey Lawrence, MPH, CIH – to make up the six member 2019 Nominating Committee.  Dr. Groves will serve as Chair of the 2019 Nominating Committee.

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