As competitor brands substantially increase their pre-paid freight order requirements, security hardware manufacturer Pacific Lock Company (PACLOCK) is taking the opposite approach. With the customer foremost in mind, PACLOCK is lowering the bar when it comes to free shipping on orders.

“We are reducing the order amount from $1,000 to $750 because, unlike our competition, we have managed our internal processes and vendor relationships in a way that we can share some of our cost savings. Apparently our competition is having troubles maintaining their levels of service,” remarked Gregory Waugh, President and CEO of PACLOCK.

“We listened to our customers who said that freight costs can hurt not only profitability, but also the ability to close a sale. We weren’t necessarily surprised when Master Lock announced they were increasing their minimum from $1,000 to $1,500 as of March 1. PACLOCK has always focused on how we can better help our customers, especially the smaller accounts,” continues Waugh.

PACLOCK’s distributors were quick to praise the decision.

“It will be a big help as we establish our customer base and pass along the savings to them,” said Bill Deahl of Southwest Opening Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, which represents PACLOCK in all states west of the Mississippi River. “This announcement is proof to our customers that PACLOCK wants to partner with them and help drive their business to success. Adding inventory becomes easier and more manageable for a small business to attain. Now they don’t have to hold back orders to achieve a lofty shipping threshold.”

“This is a game changer for us,” stated Steve Schilling of S J Schilling & Associates in Millersport, Ohio, who serves as PACLOCK’s distributor in the Great Lakes region. “Our customers can put the money allotted for freight towards increasing their orders to help with not only their stock supply, but address their customers’ needs.”

For more information, contact the PACLOCK sales department at 661-294-3707 or email

About Pacific Lock Company

Founded in 1998, Pacific Lock Company is a leader in commercial and enterprise security products, manufacturing a large assortment of traditional solid and laminated body padlocks; hidden shackle and hockey puck-style locks; transportation locks; government locks; hasps, and smart lock solutions. PACLOCK’s products are engineered and built to set the standard in craftsmanship, reliability, and extreme durability. The company also engineers custom solutions, unique applications and OEM manufacturing services for a wide variety of customers.