A Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with 17 years’ experience in the field has found a way to communicate safety messages to workers by way of their taste buds. Cynthia Braun, who is also a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET), and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM), is the is the President and Principal Consultant of Braun Safety Associates, LLC, an occupational safety consulting and training firm in Littleton, CO. that provides EHS consulting and training to private, public, government, and service industries across the U.S. 

In 2013, Braun decided to combine her two passions – workplace safety and delicious food – by founding Celebrate Safety, Inc. Headquartered in Littleton, CO, the company provides safety messages through a variety of confections, including hand-written cookies, image/photo cookies, Oreos®, and brownies. All kinds of safety signs, pictograms, slogans, and campaign logos can be put on their products, which are baked fresh (made-to-order).

Despite the fact that the goodies probably go quickly at safety meetings, Celebrate Safety says their edible safety messages “leave a lasting impression.” Their customers have used them at trainings, toolbox talks, conferences and other gatherings.

The company’s bakery is FDA registered and inspected/certified with the Massachusetts State Health Division. 

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