The general session speakers over three days at Safety 2019 aim to motivate attendees to look beyond assumptions and seize opportunities.

The first on Monday morning is Nicole Malachowski speaking on “The Power of Challenging Assumptions.” She believes the best organizations and leaders create cultures that engage and harness the diverse ideas, talents and abilities of every person, and in which challenging assumptions and the status quo drives extraordinary success. Nicole Malachowski knows about high-performance cultures and challenging assumptions. As the first female member of the elite U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds flying demonstration team, she demanded flawless execution under extreme circumstances because lives literally depended on it. Yet, we don’t simply define her by labeling her the first woman Thunderbird pilot – and that’s the point. To create a culture that challenges assumptions, we must look beyond the obvious. As a mission-ready pilot in three operational squadrons, fighter squadron commander, combat pilot, White House Fellow and adviser, Malachowski has constantly challenged assumptions by matching people’s values with the job to be done. She will inspire attendees with the lessons drawn from her distinguished career.

Next up on Tuesday morning is business professor Peter Ricchiuti. His talk, called “Uncertainty Brings Opportunity,” will focus on the decisions made by business leaders and investors during tough times. Ricchiuti says those decisions determine their relative condition when things improve. Decision-makers need the proper tools to correctly balance survival and opportunism. Making the right calls involves blocking out the noise and remembering that if a majority of the people were right, a majority of the people would be rich. Peter Ricchiuti is a business professor at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, a weekly radio business speaker, former assistant state treasurer who managed Louisiana’s $3 billion investment portfolio, and founder of Tulane’s national acclaimed Burkenroad Reports student stock research program. He offers a fresh perspective on today’s financial markets and economy.

Finally on Wednesday, attendees get to hear from Scott Hamilton. Hamilton’s “Unquenchable” speech will detail some of his life’s highest highs and lowest lows, from achieving a gold medal at the Olympics to fighting childhood illness, a cancer diagnosis and three pituitary brain tumors over the years. But Hamilton knows a life well lived is not defined by what knocks you down but how you get back up. He is passionate about encouraging others to get back up and pursue all life has to offer, believing strongly that every person is capable of making a positive impact. This world-renowned ice skater, philanthropist, actor, producer and author describes success as knowing who you are and going after greatness with an unquenchable spirit. Hamilton intends on inspiring you, encouraging you and providing insight into unleashing your unrealized potential.