Violence in the workplace and best practices surrounding marijuana use are sure to be the most talked about educational sessions at Safety 2019. 

With violence seemingly on the rise, more employers are hoping to reduce the risk of a dangerous event at their workplaces. Several courses will equip safety professionals to reduce risk at their workplaces, including “The Safety Professional and Active Shooter Planning” (S5027) at 10:45 am Monday in Room 220; “Resetting Your Safety to Successfully Respond to Emergencies” (S5081) at 3:15 pm Monday in Room 343; “Call 9-1-1: Then What?” (S5103) at 4:30 pm Monday in Room 255; “Lessons Learned From the Hesston, Kansas, Workplace Shooting” (S6004) at 10:30 am Tuesday in Room R04; and “Active Shooter Survival” (S6053) at 4:15 pm Tuesday in Room R04.

And with many states approving legalization and medical use of marijuana, how will these new laws affect how companies manage safety? A general session panel from 9:15 to 10:30 am Wednesday in The Great Hall ballroom will explore how changing laws impact efforts to maintain drug-free workplaces. The interactive panel will discuss the ramifications of the increased use and legalization. The panelists will share concerns, issues and ideas as we explore the workplace challenges safety professionals face in dealing with the rapidly changing federal and state regulations as well as public views on marijuana. The panelists include a lawyer, a consultant and safety professionals.