Whether you choose to enforce a strict closed-door policy or weather permitting open-door policy at your facility, fall protection for your people and material handling equipment should be a main concern. In fact, lack of fall protection is not only the most frequently cited safety violation* but falls to a lower level are the second leading cause of preventable workplace fatalities**. Luckily, Rite-Hite offers many easy-to-use safety solutions to help prevent dangerous accidents.

  • Dok-Guardian: Not only a visual deterrent to pedestrians, the Dok-Guardian also helps prevent material handling equipment from running off the edge of a dock
  • Safe-T-Lip Leveler™: Dock doors are no match for a forklift which can weigh 3x that of a standard automobile! Safe-T-Lip levelers are ideal for material handling equipment protection 

Why Open Dock Policies are Needed

Did You Know: the National Institute of Standards and Technology states that nearly 7% of all reported forklift accidents involve a forklift running off the edge of a dock? This means companies should:

  • Protect Your People: Falling from a loading dock means injury or even death
  • Protect Your Equipment: Forklifts are heavy, move quickly and are expensive
  • Constantly Communicate: Communicate hazards and unsafe dock conditions

Watch Video: Learn How to Strategically Improve Your Open Dock Policy

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