Rite HiteRite-Hite has improved the sealing power at the 4th side of the dock with its innovative PitMaster V Dock Face Sealing System. The PitMaster V consists of easy-to-install SealWheel™ and PitPad™ components, which work together to seal open gaps on the dock face and pit floor in vertical leveler applications, saving energy, improving pit cleanliness, and helping reduce infiltration of weather and contaminants.

PitMaster V Benefits

  • Effortless environmental control – Interactive sealing components adjust automatically to trailer and leveler lip position.
  • Easy installation – The simple two-part system installs quickly, requiring minimal dock downtime.
  • Durable design – Rugged materials hold up over time; components are individually replaceable as needed.
  • Flexible application – Designs available for standard as well as drive-through situations.

Click here to watch a video of PitMaster V in Action

See the two-step system of the PitMaster V dock face seal with operation of the PitPad™ and SealWheel™ components and how they work together to complete the seal.