COAST Products – a 100-year-old third-generation, family-owned company making lighting products and cutting tools – today announced a new partnership with LineDrive, which will help support COAST in the industrial and professional sales channel.

The team at LineDrive helps make its customers safer and more productive by equipping their workforces with the best tools and training for the jobs at hand – through strategic facility analysis, training programs, and cost-reduction analysis.

With COAST’s long-standing mission statement being: “making products that make people’s jobs safer, easier, and more enjoyable,” LineDrive was natural fit. By incorporating COAST’s lighting products and cutting tools into LineDrive’s portfolio, the goal is to ensure a safer, easier, more efficient on-the-job experience for companies and their workers across the United States.

“Since my grandfather started the company in 1919, COAST has been striving to improve efficiency and safety in the workplace” said third-generation owner, COAST CEO David Brands. “There is excellent alignment with LineDrive to continue this mission, and above all, they are great people with an excellent reputation. We are thrilled to be working with them.”

COAST currently has a large presence in the construction and DIY industries; LineDrive will help them increase its presence in the industrial workplace market: in industries such as aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, food processing, transportation, and more.

“COAST makes some of the best portable lighting and the safest cutting tools in the world, and we are proud to have them in our portfolio of tools that make jobsites safer, more efficient, and sustainable,” said LineDrive President Jim Johnson. “Our companies’ values align in many ways, and we expect a long, fruitful relationship.”

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