A new partnership has been struck between 3M and StrongArm Technologies, Inc. StrongArm is a New York City based startup company that creates athletic equipment for industrial workers to prevent injuries and maximize performance. StrongArm is the market leader of its category and has recently gained the support of 3M.

StrongArm designs and manufactures patent protected products aimed to increase the safety and productivity of workers engaged in manual lifting and materials handling. The company has launched ErgoSkeleton™ personal performance equipment, ergonomically influenced exoskeleton products for industrial workers identified as V22 and FLx. The V22 is a passive ErgoSkeleton™ that helps workers lift heavy boxes by redistributing the load on the body, allowing the user to lift safer and for longer distances. The FLx is a streamlined ErgoSkeleton™ that supports proper posture and reduces fatigue.

“We see 3M as a leader in worker safety. Our collaboration will guide the future of industrial work, and the role of the Industrial Athlete™,” said Sean Petterson, CEO and co-founder, StrongArm Technologies. “Our missions are well aligned and together we hope to push the boundaries of human centered design in the industrial workplace.” StrongArm’s mission is to increase the safety and productivity of active workers, called the “Industrial Athletes.”

“We are impressed with the worker-focused ergonomic solutions developed by StrongArm, especially in the area of load-redistribution ErgoSkeletons™ for lifting,” added Dan Chen, director, Strategy, Marketing, and Business Development, 3M Safety and Graphics Business Group. “The StrongArm team combines a dynamic innovative spirit with a great industrial design ethos. We look forward to our work together in advancing worker safety.”

About StrongArm Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in New York City, StrongArm Technologies Inc. develops leading safety solutions for injury prevention and peak performance for the industrial workforce. Through scientifically-informed and ergonomic design, StrongArm’s flagship products, the V22 and FLx ErgoSkeleton™ personal performance equipment, and the ErgoHug help unlock human potential with a stress on safety, strength and endurance through injury prevention.

Founders, Sean Petterson and Justin Hillery, were driven to create StrongArm because of their personal experiences with their fathers, who worked strenuous blue collar jobs, and faced the negative physical consequences from their work in the latter part of their lives. This inspired the founders to create safety performance gear for the tens of millions of people who use their physical strength to perform their jobs. Industrial Athlete™ and ErgoSkeleton™ are registered trademarks of StrongArm Technologies, Inc. For more information, visit www.strongarmtech.com.

About 3M

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