The employer of a man killed in a trench collapse last year has been charged with manslaughter, according to the Granby, Colorado Police Department.

The June 14, 2018 incident claimed the life of Rosario Martinez-Lopez, who was working in a trench at a condominium project when the collapse occurred. By the time emergency crews dug him out, he was unresponsive. He was transported to Middle Park Medical Center-Granby, where he was pronounced dead.

Bryan D. Johnson, owner of ContractOne – the company that employed Martinez-Lopez – was arraigned on the single count of manslaughter – a felony – by the Grand County Chief District Attorney’s office.

“The thorough investigative work of both the Granby Police Department and OSHA revealed facts supporting a criminal prosecution for this job site death,” District Attorney Matt Karzen said in the release. “Worksite safety regulations exist for a reason, and here, we are reminded just how important it is to for employers to adhere to those regulations.”