SW Safety Solutions Inc, a global leader in high quality, innovative hand protection announces the launch of new single-use and chemical-resistant nitrile gloves with proprietary EcoTek® Biodegradability Technology. Ecotek technology is a nitrile treatment that accelerates break-down in landfills without performance loss.

Many workplaces, especially labs and medical facilities, struggle with the disposal of hard to recycle gloves as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility environmental sustainability initiatives. SW gloves with EcoTek Biodegradability Technology can be disposed of in the normal waste stream and biodegrade 92.6% in landfills in 2.5 years as tested according to ASTM D5526-12.

Belle Chou, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, noted, “At SW, we are committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship. By developing EcoTek technology, we are working to create a cleaner environment for a better tomorrow. All our new nitrile products will be manufactured with EcoTek. We are pleased to add three new single-use gloves to our product line and the first ever chemical-resistant gloves that are biodegradable.”

NewTrile™ gloves featuring EcoTek are the industry’s first nitrile chemical-resistant gloves with biodegradable properties. NewTrile U11, U15, and F15 gloves range from 11mil to 15mil in thickness and provide consistent chemical protection without performance loss. They are approved for food usage per FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

SW is also launching three new biodegradable single-use gloves with EcoTek technology that are all food approved:

  • PowerForm® PF-065-095-NRG/ECO/BAL-GR/WT gloves include EnerGel™ Hand Conditioning Technology which hydrates the skin and has been clinically proven to prevent many skin ailments. These gloves extend comfort and enhance worker hand health. Their Breach Alert™ technology dual-layer of green over white provides glove breach detection to ensure worker protection.
  • PowerForm® PF-088-095-DRK/ECO-GY with DriTek™ Comfort Technology have a soft cotton flock lining that is durable and comfortable. They have ANSI level 2 abrasion resistance for longer wear. The absorbent lining wicks away moisture for added comfort in extended use.
  • PowerForm® PF-092-095-GPT/ECO-HVOR with GrepTile™ Grip Technology have a high-density pattern specifically designed to maximize grip in wet and oily conditions. Optimal grip is achieved by channeling fluids effectively and maximizing the surface-to-surface contact area. The gloves are ANSI level 3 abrasion resistant for extended durability.

For more information on SW Safety Solutions Inc., call +1.510.429.8692 or visit www.SWSafety.com.