ISHN recently visited Honeywell’s Industrial Life Safety Training Center/Customer Experience Center in Pasadena, TX, to get some first-hand fall protection training and updates on the company’s hearing protection and gas detection lines.

Honeywell offers training options to meet customers’ specific needs. Workers learn to comply with regulatory bodies such as OSHA, ANSI and CSA. Blended learning includes on-site programs, online resources, and hands-on experience. ISHN Editor Dave Johnson got fitted for a fall protection harness and received his hands-on “immersive” experience climbing ladders and being suspended from a three-story oil rig at Honeywell’s state of the art, spacious training gym.

The training gym also features a partially-constructed residential roofing project for fall protection and ladder safety training, a “black box” confined space room that can be reconfigured and filled with smoke for training first responders and fire fighters, a safety-harnessed mannequin dangling from the side of an oil field pipe rack for emergency rescue training, and a large tank for vertical and horizontal confined space entry and ladder climbing.

The center features nine simulators: aerial lift, cat walk, roof-top simulator, lockout-tagout simulator, climbing tower, oil derrick, wind turbine, confined space vessel, confined space simulator and a drilling pipe rack.

During ISHN’s visit, a training session with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers participants was being held.

Honeywell emphasizes behavior-based safety training taught by certified, knowledgeable industry experts. Scheduled enrollment classes are offered in various locations in the U.S. and Canada. Customized on-site training is also available, as are train-the-trainer programs.

Fall protection training course topics include work at height, competent person, equipment inspection, confined space, OSHA compliance, oil and gas, train the trainer, wind energy, wind energy competent climber, scaffolding, and AWARE IADC/RIGPASS – Safe Land Orientation.

Located in an industrial park east of Houston and in the heart of oil and gas refining, the center opened in 2013. The customer experience center allow visitors to handle various PPE and gas detection systems. A vision room adjacent has large walls with dry-erase boards and benches for small group discussions. Visitors can also make use of interactive kiosks and informative placards.

The center has a break room with food and beverage vending machine, tables and chairs for informal networking, and a corporate-style classroom with projectors and rows of tables with electrical outlets to charge laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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