Equipment that monitors noise and can help reduce occupational expose to it and a device for preventing contact with pinch points were this week’s top products of the week.

Facilities revisit lift covers for preventive safety As ISO 14120 guarding standard replaces EN 953

Lift table skirting may be a practical method of guarding pinch point hazards to increase safety and comply with standard ISO14120 (“Safety of machinery - Guards”), yet some varieties of lift skirting provide little more than dust protection. Liftgard(R) bellows completely enclose a scissors lift table to mitigate unintentional contact with pinch points.

Listen up – Casella announces limited time offer on noise monitoring equipment

According to estimates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 22 million workers across the United States are exposed to potentially damaging levels of noise at work each year. Worldwide, it is estimated that up to 24% of instances of hearing impairment are related to noise exposure in the workplace.