On one end of the medical spectrum is Stephen A. Black, DSc, M.Ed, ATC/L, PT, CSCS, IDNC. In addition to being a physical therapist, he is considered a world-renowned leader in the field of sports medicine and performance. An athlete in his own right, Dr. Black has dedicated his life to the health, fitness, and rehabilitation of others, the last 25 of which were at Rocky Mountain Human Performance (RMHP), his multi-location practice. 

On a completely different end of the spectrum is Steven Rueda, an American Board Certified Pedorthist and Orthopedic Shoe Technician who hails from three generations of custom shoe makers. Patients with foot related problems have been seeking help from Rueda and his team at Turnpike Comfort Footwear for over 40 years, a large percentage of which are referred by doctors.

Yet, these two unique healthcare professionals share four striking similarities:

  1. Athletes are prevalent among their patient clientele
  2. Each is known for providing services above and beyond the pale
  3. Both offer custom-made medical orthotics, but will recommend a more reasonable priced over-the-counter (OTC) solution if it solves the problem
  4. Independently, each discovered a relatively unknown, yet disruptive OTC insole technology that has altered the way they treat foot ailments

Rueda works with athletic trainers at St John's University to address the biomechanical needs of individual athletes which, in most cases, are treated with OTC orthotics. Since he began recommending SelectFlex Arch Control Insoles, Rueda has received good feedback from the University Athletic Department, in addition to having many repeat customers purchasing additional pairs. 

Rueda said, “The PowerLift Arch™ suspension system in SelectFlex insoles was new technology I didn't already have for my patients. It's the only OTC orthotic that has an adjustment to increase or decrease the pressure on the arch. The deep heel cup also supplies additional stability not always found in other OTC orthotics.”

The sports clientele at RMHP range from beginners to Olympians and professional teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The group prides themselves on keeping abreast of the latest industry research and technology developments that could facilitate patient performance and recovery. According to Dr. Black, SelectFlex Arch Control Insoles fit that category perfectly.

“What attracted me was the insole’s adjustability,” said Dr. Black. “This one product can be modified to offer multiple solutions versus having to use several different products.  There’s nothing else like it on the market today.”

Dr. Black takes an integrative, holistic approach to all aspects of human performance. He educates patients on which shoes provide support, helps them find resources, and even refers them to his network of local footwear outlets who offer a wide variety of styles that accommodate insoles. His motto is, “If I treat you, I help you today. If I teach you, I help you for a lifetime.”

Where SelectFlex is concerned, his patients have commented on how well the insoles fit into different types of footwear and easily transfer from one shoe to another.  To date, there have been no returns or unsatisfied clientele.

Between the two specialists, SelectFlex orthotics are being used to treat dozens of patients each month. Both experts say they’ve also been alerting other private practitioners and specialty shoe stores to this new adjustable arch technology, further underscoring their mutual devotion to healing.




Founded in 2016, Alliance Design & Development Group (ADDG) is a biomechanics technology company who develops advanced wellness solutions designed to prevent injuries, promote efficient recovery, and help people lead pain-free lives. ADDG pioneered the patented Variable Resistance Beam (VRB) and created a portfolio of assistive human augmentation products that deliver long-term therapeutic benefits. SelectFlex®, the world’s first arch control insole, is ADDG’s first commercial introduction, which was created in collaboration with the Langer Biomechanics division of Orthotic Holdings, Inc. (OHI), a global leader in lower extremity treatments.   www.selectflex.com


Steven Rueda is an American Board Certified Pedorthist, Orthopedic Shoe Technician, and the owner of Turnpike Comfort Footwear. Since 1979, Mr. Rueda and his team have specialized in providing the most comfortable footwear, as well as pedorthic devices. With a fully equipped on-site lab, they are able to build footwear modifications, custom shoes, prescription orthotics, and much more. True to their motto “Fit Makes a Difference,” Turnpike aims to put patients back on the path to health and comfort. Located at 184-20 Union Turnpike, Flushing, NY 11366.  https://turnpikeshoes.com/


Stephen A. Black, DSe, M.Ed., ATC/L, PT, CSCS, IDNC is CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Rocky Mountain Human Performance (RMHP.)  He founded RMHP in 1995 to instill passion for wellness and provide patients with the latest in science, technology and information. Dr. Black’s team offers treatment strategies, education, physical therapy, and performance training for athletes of all ages and abilities to minimize risk of injury and maximize performance. RMHP combines expertise in sport science, rehabilitative and restorative methods, nutrition, and psychology for a comprehensive experience with real results. Clinic locations in Fort Myers, FL, Naples, FL, and Boulder, CO.  http://rockymountainhpc.com/