With the rise in remote work since the beginning of the pandemic, the line between work and leisure has started to blur. One of the factors that contributes to this blurred line is the use of mobile devices and tablets during work hours. During these uncertain times, many employees might feel the need to be connected to their lives outside of work, which is something TRUCE Software decided to look into.

In January 2021, TRUCE commissioned a study which polled 1,500 working U.S. adults about their views of mobility as an enabler of productivity. The respondents filled out a seven-question Google survey and were asked to identify the nature of their work as essential, deskless, remote or office-based. The study also looks at the evolving nature of work over the past year, as fewer people go into physical offices.

ISHN’s multimedia specialist Layan Dahhan speaks with Joseph Boyle, the CEO of TRUCE Software, a company dedicated to providing mobility solutions in the workplace, about the study and mobile device use on the job.