Do you have what it takes to work for Elon Musk? The eccentric Tesla CEO is currently hiring for a number of positions - including a safety official - at Boring Co., the firm he founded in 2016. The billionaire is encouraging people to join the company, which digs tunnels to decongest large city centers and solve traffic issues.

The "Safety Representative" job is based in Las Vegas. 

The goal of the company ,according to the job posting: The Boring Company was founded to solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic by creating an underground network of tunnels. Today, we are creating the technology to increase tunneling speed and decrease costs by a factor of 10 or more with the ultimate goal of making Hyperloop adoption viable and enabling rapid transit across densely populated regions.

Below is the basic description of the safety position. Apply here. 

The Safety Representative position plays an important role in overseeing the safety and well-being of Boring Company employees in Las Vegas. This role requires a strong and independent safety leader to drive compliance with TBC and OSHA standards and maintain a company culture that promotes and puts safety first. You will be responsible for identifying problems and quickly recommending and implementing solutions as well as responding to safety incidents as applicable. This role requires someone with phenomenal multi-tasking skills and a passion for creating and maintaining safe work environments.

Responsibilities include creating training programs and educational materials on workplace safety and injury and illness prevention, conducting safety orientation training, distributing PPE to employees, investigating accidents, performing daily inspections and audits of facilities, equipment and processes, and identifying potential hazards and taking corrective action. 

Sounds just like any other safety professional, right? Read more information about the Boring Company here.