The International Glove Association has appointed Rodney Taylor, Global PPE Sales & Marketing Manager at D3O, to their Board of Directors.

Rodney’s responsibility as a member of the Board will be to guide the direction of the IGA and serve as the voice of the IGA membership. IGA members are a cohesive group of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and end users dedicated to hand and arm protection. The role of the association is to unite its members’ expertise, experience and understanding for the benefit of the protection of millions of people.

“I’m honored to have been appointed to represent D3O as a member of the IGA Board of Directors” says Rodney. “D3O has a solid track record pushing the boundaries in hand protection, helping develop standards to simplify the PPE selection process and bring innovative products to the marketplace, so I know I have a great team around me. My experience allows me to address the challenges in achieving excellence in hand protection from the perspective of the OEM as well as the end user, and my aim is to bring this expertise to serve the IGA, its members and its beneficiaries”.

Rodney Taylor, MS, MBA has over 15 years of experience in the safety industry. Working as a researcher at the NASA Langley Research Center, he moved on to become a process engineer, operations manager, marketing and sales leader at DuPont before joining D3O global, to develop and introduce D3O® technologies for the PPE sector.

Bill VanMullekom, Senior Vice President at D3O, says: “Having worked with Rodney for a number of years at both D3O and DuPont, I’m confident that IGA members can be assured that Rodney will be a tremendous asset in building the network and influence in the world of hand protection. Our goal is to make an ever-increasing positive impact for end users as they deal with evolving protection needs, materials innovation and cost pressures and I see this appointment as a great way to achieve this”.

D3O is a fast growth engineering, design and technology company, with offices in the UK, US and China.  A collective of engineers, chemists, product designers and industry experts, D3O partners with world-class brands including 3M, Red Wing and Under Armour. Together they create pioneering protective products that enable people to take risks, challenge their limits and stay safe. From body protection for professional athletes and motorcyclists to precision safety equipment for industrial workers to combat helmets for soldiers - D3O protects what matters.

In the PPE sector, D3O remains at the forefront of innovation to provide users with the highest levels of impact protection with the maximum amount of comfort and dexterity, driving higher standards and a commitment to hand protection associations, standards committees and media partnerships. As such, D3O brings a wealth of knowledge to the IGA, the leading voice in the use of hand protection, to reduce injuries. D3O have most recently assisted the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) as a member of their standards committee in developing ANSI/ISEA 138, American national standard for performance and classification for impact resistant hand protection. The standard is currently at consensus review stage and is expected to be published late-2018.