Rite-Hite recently unveiled an extension of its GuardRite line of in-plant safety barriers, the GuardRite Polymer Safety Barrier. Capable of stopping equivalent impact levels as its steel counterparts, the GuardRite Polymer Safety Barrier is made from scratch-resistant, impact-modified polypropylene, which allows it to bend and absorb collisions with little or no damage to floors, material handling equipment, or the barriers themselves.

The cost of ownership for these low-maintenance, fixed-tube barriers is typically less than similar steel barriers. The key to their strength and longevity is the ability to deflect impacts and return to their original shape without scratches or dents. Their durability helps prevent costs and downtime related to the replacement of traditional barriers due to damage or rust resulting from impacts. 

“Impact-modified polypropylene is a game-changer for barriers,” says Jim Oates, vice president, business development & product management for Rite-Hite Engineered Solutions. “The ability to absorb impact without damage gives the GuardRite Polymer Safety Barrier incredible aesthetic and cost management advantages. It is the new gold standard for in-plant barriers and a natural extension of our GuardRite line.”

The GuardRite Polymer Safety Barrier comes in five models to accommodate specific applications to provide pedestrian, equipment, and product safety by clearly defining work areas, walkways, and storage areas. Light duty models are used for pedestrian traffic and are 48” tall, in compliance with OSHA’s Walking Working Surfaces standard. Heavy-duty models are used to define and defend shared spaces between workers, fork trucks, and other heavy machinery. 

The GuardRite Polymer is an easy to install modular system that allows for a variety of configurations. The barriers utilize black polymer 8” diameter posts to connect highly visible yellow polymer rails that come in 8”, 6”, and 4” diameters. Barrier rails are 8’ long but can be customized to match any facility needs. Available models include:

GuardRite Polymer LD

The GuardRite Polymer LD barrier consists of two 4” diameter rails designed to absorb small, light duty impacts from carts and pallet jacks. This makes it a cost-effective solution to keep people safely separated from dangerous areas.

GuardRite Polymer HD

The GuardRite Polymer HD barrier consists of one 4” diameter rail, one 6” diameter rail and one 6” diameter reinforced rail and is designed for high traffic areas with fork trucks. This barrier separates pedestrians from material handling equipment and help define and protect work zones.

GuardRite Polymer HD Plus

The GuardRite Polymer HD Plus barrier consists of one 4” diameter rail, one reinforced 6” diameter rail, and one 12” Plus bottom rail assembly at ground level and offers heavy duty protection for areas where pallet pass-through or fork tine protrusion is a concern.

GuardRite Polymer HDXL

At a height of 120” tall and consisting of five 4” diameter rails, one 6” diameter rail, and one reinforced 6” diameter rail, the GuardRite Polymer HDXL barrier is designed to reduce the risk of stacked or tall materials tipping into storage areas, work zones, or walkways.

GuardRite Polymer HDXL Plus

At a height of 120” tall, the GuardRite Polymer HDXL Plus barrier consists of five 4” diameter rails, one reinforced 6” diameter rail, and one 12” Plus bottom rail assembly at ground level. It is purpose-built to prevent stacked or tall materials from tipping and offers seamless protection of sensitive equipment, product, and building infrastructure from fork tine protrusion.