J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., the leader in safety regulatory and compliance, now manufactures labor law posters with a new eco-friendly, polypropylene (poly) material.

The new poly posters are 100% recyclable, so there's a decreased environmental impact when posters change — customers can simply recycle posters when they must be replaced to comply with mandatory federal or state changes. 

“This new material not only supports employers’ environmental efforts, but alsoJ. J. Keller’s ISO 14001 initiatives to improve the environment,” said Joel Clark, Portfolio Director with J. J. Keller. “We’re really excited to offer an environmental focus as a solution for our customers.”

In a recent study by J. J. Keller, employers indicated the common delivery method of rolled labor law posters in mailing tubes was cumbersome for interoffice mail. The new poly posters are folded and mailed flat, allowing for much easier delivery. Plus, the posters offer the additional benefits of:

  • water, tear and glare resistance for increased readability 
  • durability in high-traffic areas

“Overall, the change supports our commitment to help improve the environment as well as our goals to provide quality solutions, unmatched expertise, and world-class service to our customers,” Clark said.

J. J. Keller offers Labor Law Posters covering state, federal, local and applicable wage order requirements, as well as a Labor Law Poster Update Service to ensure an employer’s posting program is compliant by emailing alerts on mandatory posting changes, sending replacement posters at no charge when a mandatory change occurs, and providing access to the J. J. Keller® Labor Law Poster Management Center. Please visit JJKeller.com/LawPosters for more information .

For questions about J. J. Keller’s new polypropylene labor law posters, please call 800-327-6868.