MAPA’s new COBRA, a fluoroelastomer/nitrile glove, protects against permeable solvents such as pentane, methylene, chloride, and aromatic solvents like benzene, toluene and xylene. The 15 mil, 12-in. long COBRA also offers cut, tear and puncture resistance. MAPA Professional, Brunswick, OH.


Whizard® stainless steel mesh and titanium mesh gloves offer hand protection and sanitation benefits for employees in a variety of industries. Whizard metal mesh is made using micro plasma welding techniques in which each individually formed ring is fusion-bonded, producing a hermetically sealed connection with no gaps or holes. Wells Lamont Industry Group, Niles, IL.


N-DEX® is a latex-free, nitrile disposable glove. It provides workers with a latex alternative for puncture-resistant hand protection. The glove is made with Best’s patented low-modulus formulation to help reduce hand fatigue. Best Mfg. Co., Menlo, GA.


Memphis Glove’s new “Red Tech” series combines the comfort of cotton with the abrasion resistance of nitrile. This 100% cotton knit shell is lightly coated with nitrile to provide tactical sensitivity and greater dexterity. Memphis Glove, Memphis, TN.


Perfect Fit’s web glove coating resists abrasion while providing dexterity and a firm grip. A reinforced thumb crotch reduces wear to increase glove life. Perfect Fit Glove Co., Inc., Buffalo, NY.


The SemperGuard™ industrial glove family of products consists of four glove offerings: a latex powdered glove, a nitrile powdered and powder-free textured glove, and a vinyl powdered glove. The gloves comply with FDA 21 CFR guidelines and Agricultural and Agri-Foods Canada Requirements. Sempermed USA, Inc., Palm Harbor, FL.


Ansell has introduced HyFlex Xtra®, featuring an abrasion-resistant PVC coating, and the same fit, comfort and flexibility as the rest of the HyFlex line. The HyFlex family of gloves comes in three styles: HyFlex Xtra, HyFlex Foam®, and HyFlex Lite®. Ansell, Coshocton, OH.


Harbinger has expanded its line of anti-vibration gloves with the addition of the #8080 TechGel™ Comfort Grip, which features Harbinger’s patented WristWrap® technology. Designed to dissipate vibration and maintain maximum “feel” in the grip, the glove uses nine insert panels of injection-molded gelfoam. Harbinger, Napa, CA.


This 12-in., 24-mil glove offers nitrile’s resistance to cut, puncture, snag, abrasion, solvents, and other chemicals, and natural rubber latex’s flexibility and comfort. It is flock-lined for added comfort and ease of donning and doffing. Marigold Industrial, Norcross, GA.


DEB SBS offers several skincare products, including Scrub Pro™ heavy-duty specialty cleanser, Epi San™ instant hand-sanitizing gel, and the SBS-40 Cartridge, which dispenses medicated skin cream in a 1-liter cartridge. DEB SBS, Inc., Stanley, NC.


The IMAK Smart Glove was designed by an orthopedic and hand surgeon to help prevent repetitive stress injury and provide comfort and pain relief to carpal tunnel sufferers. It features a built-in wrist pad filled with plastic beads to protect the wrist from injury. IMAK Products Corp, San Diego, CA.


Schiek’s new patented, easy-off fins allow users to easily remove the 3/4-in. finger gloves by grabbing and pulling the extensions on top of the fingers. The high-end Platinum Series, available with or without wrist wraps, features plush padding and an abrasion-resistant grip. Schiek’s Sports, Inc., Oshkosh, WI.