To get an idea of where safety and health fit into your workplace, OSHA suggests answering the questions below. (For a better check try a more detailed quiz.)

Safety and health are an integral part of our operations. Yes No Don't Know

Teamwork is apparent in all parts of the organization. Yes No Don't Know

Managers and supervisors are out on the floor frequently and always observe the company safety and health rules. Yes No Don't Know

Employees are encouraged to identify safety and health hazards and correct them on their own. Yes No Don't Know

Employees have full and open access to all the tools and equipment they need to do their job safely. Yes No Don't Know

If you were able to answer each question with a “Yes”, you are well on your way to developing a true safety and health culture, according to OSHA. If you want to do better, you should work on improving the safety and health culture in your organization.