Yet another reason to consider a teleconference for your next business meeting: The FBI is warning security personnel about dozens of everyday items - from belt buckles to keys to a deadly deck of cards - that can conceal knives or other weapons terrorists could use to hijack an airliner, according a report obtained by The Associated Press.

Many items cost less than $20 and can be difficult to detect using airport screening devices, according to an FBI statement accompanying the 89-page catalog being circulated to airport screeners and law enforcement around the country.

The Homeland Security Department recently warned travelers to expect greater scrutiny of cameras, cell phones and other electronics because of evidence al-Qaida had experimented with using cameras to house stun guns or explosives.

The government has also tightened visa rules for international travelers passing through U.S. airports after warnings in late July that al-Qaida teams might try to hijack international flights.

The new FBI weapons list includes knives that can be concealed in belt buckles, hairbrushes and combs, working cigarette lighters, crucifixes, lipstick cases, canes, umbrellas, keychains, pens, mock credit cards and money clips. Many of the blades are small, but some are at least four inches long - or even sword-length.

Also on the list:

  • A deck of fake, sharp-edged playing cards made of metal that can be thrown with deadly accuracy.

  • A fake key made in Japan that conceals a knife and a smaller key that could be used to escape from handcuffs.

  • A metal tube containing a wire that, when locked into place, becomes a hardened spike that could be used as a dagger.

  • False name-brand soup, hairspray, shaving cream and cleanser cans with hidden compartments where weapons or dangerous substances could be placed.

  • Fake books with hollowed centers used as safes.

    The FBI catalog is circulating at a time of increased security at airports based on intelligence collected from captured al-Qaida operatives and al-Qaida safe houses about plans for another attack using the nation's air travel system.