A new alliance signed between OSHA and the American Apparel and Footwear Association to reduce injuries in the industry, with a particular focus on ergonomics, is the seventh joint venture between OSHA and organizations to address ergo ills.

Safe and healthful working conditions for the apparel and footwear industry is the goal, and one means to achieve that end will be to provide association members with training on ergonomics techniques, program structure and specific applications as they apply to the industry. OSHA and AAFA will reach out to members who may benefit from mentoring or guidance in developing, implementing or improving already-existing ergonomic programs.

Together, OSHA and AAFA plan to develop and disseminate information through various print and electronic media, particularly using both organizations' Web sites. That information will also be disseminated in applicable foreign languages. Outreach and communication goals will also be met through speeches, exhibits or appearances at conferences or other events, as well as sharing AAFA best practices information with others in the industry.

Cross-training OSHA personnel and industry safety and health practitioners in AAFA ergonomics programs rounds out the goals of the alliance.