Finally. For years safety pros have thought it would be easier to sell top execs on safety if managers had received some schooling on the subject as part of their business education. Now the Center for Business and Public Policy is opening its doors in Washington, and its programs will include:

  • a business seminar series relating to safety ethics;
  • a workplace safety course to be offered in the MBA program at Georgetown University (and possibly other MBA programs);
  • maintaining a clearinghouse of safety information;
  • hosting an annual workplace summit, including the Second Annual Workplace Safety Summit April 11-12;
  • providing grants and/or a Fellows program to encourage safety research; and
  • an executive education workplace safety program to be offered by Georgetown.

The center is housed in Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. Professor John Mayo, Ph.D., who teaches and conducts research in economics, business and public policy, directs the center's activity.

The Center officially launches February 28 with a news conference and leadership meeting. Invited guests include OSHA chief John Henshaw.

For more information, call (202) 687-6972.