Succeeding in today’s fast moving world not only involves an organizationally sound business but also well thought out software or business applications. Out-of-the-box software solutions often offer too many features that many companies adhering to compliance regulations simply don’t need.

Custom EHS Software can eliminate the excess while leaving your company with the information it needs for specific industries.


What is EHS software?

Environmental Health and Safety Software (EHS Software) captures, manages, and analyzes information related to occupational health and safety. It takes data from a variety of sectors and manages it in one centralized data management application.

Business leaders can use this information within their organization to:

  • Analyze trends
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Create policies to manage risk

By collecting and modeling this data over time, organizations can begin to look at the informational trends over long periods of time in order to analyze and make informed decisions. With the right models, organizations are empowered to analyze data and manage risk.

EHS Software will improve risk management analysis, assist with deadlines, and offer solutions to any oversights. By customizing this software to your business, your EMS works with you for your industry.


Access information in one place

Time is a limited resource, and missing deadlines in any safety industry can actively result in harm. Keeping all of your forms, deadlines, requirements, and records in one place allows safety professionals to:

  • Monitor upcoming deadlines
  • Manage incidents
  • Complete audits on time
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of process changes

Better communication leads to fewer cracks in the safety regulatory system. By choosing a customized solution, the software will be able to pull information from your existing databases and manage only the pertinent information you need to see to make decisions.


Customize risk dashboards to get ahead

EHS Software will collect and store all required tasks, documentation, deadlines, data, and permits. Customized solutions will integrate information from other systems related to production or finances. After organizing this data, dashboards all you to look at outcomes in real time by showing a visual picture of your organizational performance.


Fast track organizational reporting

Software predictions are only as good as the data collected, and customized solutions ensure all needed information is put together in a meaningful and helpful way. Save time with customized reports for your organization and industry to share with the right people.

Here is a small sample of reports that can be analyzed and created at the click of a button:

  • Emissions reporting
  • Waste management data and compliance
  • Real time environmental reports
  • Automations to alert certain employees


Make informed decisions for specific industries

Different reporting requirements and needs across various industries require unique solutions. By working with a trusted business partner with experience and expertise navigating the various industries associated with safety, it’s easier to guarantee success when implementing new software.

  • Air Emissions
  • Audit and Inspections Management
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Waste Management


Leverage a user-centric approach

Ultimately, it's the user experience that matters. Before considering any EHS Software vendor or custom developer, ask yourself a few essential questions:

  • Did I understand how to use this software as they demonstrated or explained it?
  • Does the user interface look simple and easy to understand?
  • Can my employees easily access what they need, or will we be lost in the process?

Out-of-the-box solutions and some custom solutions alike sometimes go beyond the needs of the company. Ultimately, your software should be usable, scalable, and making your life easier rather than more complicated.

By leveraging the capabilities of a clearly laid out user experience to develop client‐centric software solutions, your development team should be able to assure smaller development cycles with faster completion that’s intuitive to use.


The best custom solution works for you

Ultimately, shopping around for the best solution or partner is ideal. Any custom solution should give you database options, information portability, and scalable solutions that can grow with your business.

Perhaps you don’t need your software to manage contractors right now, but it might be a part of your expansion down the road.

By integrating with what works in your business and using existing platforms and databases, an ideal custom solution saves your business time and money by automating the vast majority of organization and deadlines to avoid human error.