One of two men who died on the roof of a Perdue Farms chicken processing plant in Perry, Ga., suffered a heat stroke, while the other died of heart disease, reports the Associated Press, citing a coroner's office report.

A 48-year-old employee of Premium Roofing Services died of heat stroke while working on a re-roofing project for the plant. A 57-year-old safety supervisor for Perdue Farms died the same day of heart disease after he climbed on the roof and ran to the heat-stroke victim, who had collapsed.

OSHA does not have a specific standard on heat stress. A fact sheet about heat stress advises employers to have plenty of drinking water available and to alternate work and rest periods.

A Perdue Farms spokeswoman said the roofer's job was to replace foam insulation on the roof.

The vice president of Premium Roofing Services said no hot tar was involved in the project.

"My heart goes out to (the victim's) family and friends," he said. "He was an employee of mine, and I'm grieving."

The safety supervisor had worked for Perdue for one year. "We've lost a great friend and colleague and associate," said the company spokeswoman.