The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has released a revised American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A10.44-2006 standard,Control of Energy Sources (Lockout/Tagout) for Construction and Demolition Operations. According to ASSE, the standard recognizes the need for protection of personnel and property from injury due to unexpected start-up or release of stored energy from equipment, system/process or induced energy during repair, maintenance, operation, installation and other activities involving machines or equipment.

The latest version of the standard establishes the minimum requirements needed to control and prevent the release of energy sources that could cause injury or illness to workers performing construction and demolition work. It was approved by ANSI on Aug. 29. The A10 standards serve as a guide to contractors, labor and equipment manufacturers in the construction and demolition industry.

"The A10.44 standard is integral in providing safety requirements for the protection of individuals working in, on or around machines or equipment that may release energy unexpectedly, causing injury or illness ," said James Brown, an ASSE member and the chair of the A10.44 Subcommittee.

The standard will be available from the ASSE Web site in both print and electronic format.