Aearo Technologies has announced its new PPE product lineup for Spring 2008. According to a company press release, Aearo’s new lineup strives to facilitate compliance by providing protection that offers comfort, improved fit and performance that workers accept and actually want to wear. In addition, Aearo has unveiled new products in head and face protection, as well as hearing protection.

Eye Protection

AOSafety® Refine™ Safety Eyewear is designed exclusively for women, specially sized and styled for the smaller face profiles of women. With lightweight frames and wraparound lenses, the Refine line fits closer and more proportionally to the eyes, cheeks, and brow — eliminating dangerous coverage gaps, while providing unmatched comfort.

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AOSafety® NŪVO™ Safety Eyewear provides protection that performs well and looks good. With its dual-lens and retro style, NŪVO Safety Eyewear features a one-piece lens that combines style, toughness and versatility to contribute to the wearer’s comfort. Adjustable-length temples give a custom fit, soft temple tips offer greater head comfort, and a soft, universal nosepiece fits virtually all facial profiles. The NŪVO also comes in three different magnification diopters for workers who have difficulty reading small print or are engaged in detail work.

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AOSafety® BX™ Safety Eyewear teams compliant protection with advanced features and affordability. BX Safety Eyewear offers adjustability, function and style at an affordable price and is available in two frame colors and five lens options. BX Eyewear offers features found in higher-priced eyewear, such as adjustable temple lengths and three-position lens angles, while meeting ANSI Z87.1-2003, CSA Z94.3 and Military Vo High-Velocity Impact Protection Standards.

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AOSafety® Maxim™ 2x2 Air-Flow Goggles offer maximum venting for a clear view without fogging. Ideal for workers in environments with dust and flying debris, lightweight Maxim 2x2 Air-Flow Goggles offer superior coverage, a wide field of vision, and unsurpassed fog resistance with its unique top and bottom venting. These goggles feature a high-impact nylon frame, a comfortable air-cushion seal that protects and absorbs impact, and antifog lenses in clear or gray. They are also available in prescription as Maxim Air Seal Rx.

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The versatile AOSafety® Modul•R™ Goggle System lets you choose the coverage you need. From eye protection to full-face coverage in an instant, the versatility of these hybrid splash goggles makes them ideal for both chemical and industrial environments. The modular system includes low-profile goggles with a wide field of vision and a clear anti-fog lens. The goggles comply with ANSI Z87.1-2003 and Military Vo Standards for High Impact. The lightweight and durable flip-up polycarbonate shield is respirator compatible and has open and close venting for splash or impact applications.

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AOSafety® Poly IR XTreme Prescription Lenses offers more choices for infrared protection. For prescription wearers, there’s a new lens developed specifically for infrared, UV and impact protection — in four strengths for various applications — all offering compliance to ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standard.

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Head and Face Protection

AOSafety® High-Heat Head and Face Protection stands up to the hottest conditions. For the toughest jobs where high heat is a hazard, AOSafety offers new choices in head and face protection. From gold-plated faceshields and heat-reflective headgear systems to heat-resistant hard hats, AOSafety High-Heat products stand up to the rigors of steel mills, foundries, incinerators, blast furnaces and smelters while providing compliance and all-day comfort.

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Hearing Protection

The Peltor Tactical XP™ Electronic Headset lets users “hear clear without fear.” Now workers in hazardous environments can hear clearly while dangerous noises are attenuated quickly with Peltor’s new Tactical XP headset. Signals and other critical ambient sounds of the workplace are easily heard while Tactical XP blocks dangerous impact noise. And, its intrinsically safe rating makes it even safer in environments with exposed fuels, fumes and combustible dusts. Tactical XP is available in headband, hard-hat mount and neckband models, all featuring patented liquid/gel-filled cushions and sealed battery compartments that restrict electrical interference.

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Sphere™ Banded Hearing Protector from E-A-R®, with its ergonomic design, features an adjustable fit and a cutting-edge band design that reduces interference. Combined with the proven effectiveness of E-A-R foam earplugs, the Sphere takes banded hearing protection to a new level. Sphere also features the highest attenuation of any banded hearing protector — NRR 28dB — when used with Flex 28 tips.

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Aearo Technologies is a global leader in research and development, manufacturing, and education in the estimated $15 billion personal protection equipment (PPE) market. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, Aearo manufactures hearing protection devices, communication headsets, prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear, faceshields, hard hats, reusable and disposable respirators, fall protection equipment, and other safety products under the brand names AOSafety®, E-A-R®, Peltor® and SafeWaze®. In addition, Aearo manufactures, tests and designs energy-absorbing materials that are incorporated into other manufacturers’ products to control noise, shock, vibration and thermal energy under the brand name E-A-R® Specialty Composites.

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