Pro Ears has worked hard to make a difference in the field of hearing protection and amplification for the Sporting, Law Enforcement, Military, Firearms, Industrial, Home and Hunting enthusiasts, says the company in a recent press release. Now they are proud to introduce their new, redesigned Web site.

Pro Ears Founder Dan Nigro made the announcement. “We have the most technologically advanced line of electronic and passive hearing protection/amplification products available today and we wanted to ensure that our product concepts were properly reflected through our Web site. This exciting new site has been designed to inform and educate the public as to the tremendous advantages of wearing Pro Ears products. Our Web site not only supplies more information and a modern new graphics look but also makes it easier to find stocking dealers, learn about our industry programs and communicate with us directly.”

If you are exposed to loud, hearing damaging noise levels such as those experienced in explosives, firearms, construction, sports and work with machinery, or if you want to increase your hearing range for tactical, surveillance or sporting uses such as hunting or wildlife study, this is one Web site you will want to