Yahoo’s finance site, Investopedia yesterday listed industrial hygiene as one of the top seven jobs employers are desperate to fill.

According to the site: “With unemployment nearing double digits, it's hard to imagine there are jobs, ready for the taking but it's true. Many companies are hiring, and can't fill their slots fast enough.

Applicants without a college degree can go for industrial hygiene jobs with an education of on-the-job training and/or certification, according to Investopedia. Average annual earnings for non-degreed industrial hygienists: $45, 360, according to Investopedia.

Here’s why IH tech jobs are hot, according to Investopedia: “Lead, mold and asbestos are all bad for our health, so removal of these toxic substances is vital. Industrial hygienists are the experienced professionals tasked with the dirty job of removing environmental hazards, and employers are on the hunt for qualified applicants.

“Most education is gained from on-the-job training, although some colleges offer certification in the field. Jobs for industrial hygienists are expected to increase by 14 percent by 2018; top-earning professionals average over $73,000 in annual pay, making this a lucrative career path if you're lacking a college degree.”

Said Connie Paradise of the American Industrial Hygiene Association:

“We recognize that this is great exposure for industrial hygiene and long overdue. General education and training requirements for entering or advancing in the profession are outlined as follows:

“Entry-level positions in industrial hygiene can be had with on-the-job-training and some technical training and are typically referred to as industrial hygiene technicians. The profession also offers opportunities for those with an interest in the sciences and who pursue that course of study in college. Once a bachelor degree is earned, persons who major in biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, sanitary engineering, or physics may look to industrial hygiene as a promising career path. A higher level position commanding 6-figure salaries can be had with additional education, either an advanced degree or professional development. “