A Pennsylvania marine maintenance company has wracked up 13 serious safety violations for problems at its Wellsburg facility, with proposed penalties totaling $45,900.

Prentice Cline, director of OSHA’s Charleston Area Office, called the lack of protections against workplace hazards “unacceptable.”

OSHA's inspection, which began Oct. 4, 2010, found serious violations including the company's failure to dike a fuel tank, ensure the bi-directional alarm on a powered industrial truck was not defective, examine industrial trucks before they were put in service, place a fire extinguisher in the crane cab, label electrical disconnect switches, complete material safety data sheets for hazardous materials on-site, label containers of hazardous materials, properly cover open hatchways to prevent fall and tripping hazards, inspect and certify cranes, provide inspection dates on chain slings, use fire extinguishing equipment during welding operations, provide fire extinguisher training, and keep the work area uncluttered and free from obstructions.

C & C Marine Maintenance Co. provides marine transportation of bulk cargoes, and performs ship and vessel repairs. The company operates facilities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.