Ion Science introduces the revolutionary new Tiger Select for the detection of both Benzene and Total Aromatic Compounds, in one hand-held instrument.

Utilising the high output Ion Science 10.0 eV detection system a reading for Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs) is seen immediately on start-up. Should aromatics be detected, a Draeger benzene pre-filter tube can be easily attached to ensure rapid detection and selective measurement of benzene. .

Throughout the measurement process, Tiger Select continues to display real-time data ensuring the final reading represents the full value of actual benzene present. Benzene concentrations are displayed down to ppb levels giving you the most accurate, reliable data you can count on. .

Tiger Select is capable of providing 15 minute STELs and 8 hour TWAs for TACs. A 10.6 eV lamp can easily be installed for the detection of a wide range of TVOCs. .

Tiger Select follows on from the successful launch of the PhoCheck Tiger VOC detector with a dynamic range of ppb to 20,000 ppm. The portfolio of instruments demonstrates the ability of Ion Science to continuously develop innovative gas detectors that surpass customer expectations. .

Target applications for Tiger Select include; TAC detection at loading docks and barge operations, confined space entry pre-screening during refinery and plant maintenance, refinery down-stream monitoring, hazardous material and marine spill response. Visit theTiger Selectwebpages, download a copy of thebrochure, or contactIon Scienceor alocal distributorfor more information.