Nextteq’s VeriFit®  Irritant Smoke Generator integrates all the necessary components of a traditional irritant smoke fit testing kit into one convenient device, and offers users cost and safety advantages compared to other qualitative fit test kits.

To use a VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator, simply bend the plastic tube to break the enclosed ampoule. Its plastic construction is a safer alternative than traditional irritant smoke test kits that use exposed glass tubes as there is no risk associated with broken glass. Its small bellows size allows for more precise amounts of smoke to be delivered for fit testing yet minimizes the risk of overexposure and accumulation of irritant smoke in the test area.

Users will enjoy time and cost benefits related to fit test preparation and clean-up. Unlike other test methods, there is no need to spend time and money on chamber construction, nebulizers, electric pumps, mixing jars, batteries, special test masks, mask probes, or testing hoods. There are also no parts to calibrate, warm up, sterilize, or clean. Disposal is easy, safe, and convenient.

Irritant smoke qualitative respirator fit testing is an economical, fast, safe, and reliable fit testing method. Irritant smoke fit tests are better qualitative fit tests than other methods because they rely upon a test subject’s involuntary response. They do not rely upon the test subject’s sense of smell or taste.

Each VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator comes ready to use and is OSHA-compliant. Everything needed for immediate qualitative fit testing is in one sleek, safe, and convenient device.

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