Ergodyne announced today the expansion of their Squids® Lanyard Series to include the newSquids® 3150 Buckle Hard Hat Lanyard andSquids® 3155 Clamp Hard Hat Lanyard . These new lanyards provide two different methods of hard hat attachment but deliver equally safe solutions for securing to the worker.


Chinstraps have traditionally been worn to keep hard hats in place, but these can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear, resulting in lost productivity and often in the removal of the chinstrap all together. Ergodyne's hard hat lanyards keep hard hats attached to the worker without coming into contact with the worker's face -- providing increased safety, comfort, and productivity. Additionally, the hard hat lanyards are available in hi-viz lime, improving worker visibility.


The Squids® 3150 Buckle Hard Hat Lanyard and Squids® 3155 Clamp Hard Hat Lanyardare available now at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information, visit  or call 800-225-8238. For media inquiries, contact Lindsay Herda at 651.642.5862.