Vendor NewsA number of licensee partners of DSM Dyneema will be introducing protective gloves featuring the latest Dyneema® Diamond Technology at the forthcoming A+A safety and security trade fair (Düsseldorf, October 18-21).

This latest fiber innovation allows licensed partners of DSM Dyneema including Sweden’s Ejendals, the UK’s BM Polyco and Honeywell Safety Products in France to develop gloves with impressive cut protection without compromising on light weight or comfort.

The TEGERA range of gloves being showcased by Ejendals AB, for example, is manufactured by a special knitting technique to ensure both softness and comfort as well as a premium Cut Index.

“With this new fiber we will help our industrial customers to be both more productive and safer during their working day, saving both time and money in the process,” said Ejendals Product Manager Niclas Wiklund.

TEGERA gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology also benefit from a special coating which makes them more reliable for workers handling oily and greasy products, with the fingertips double coated to provide both a stronger grip and increased abrasion without affecting sensitivity. For Ejendals, however, comfort is of paramount importance.

“If the level of comfort is not there, workers won’t use the gloves,” says Wiklund. “It’s as simple as that. The comfort of our gloves has been responsible for reducing workplace accidents by as much as eighty per cent for some of our customers.”

Polyco’s new Dyflex Plus Cut 5 gloves consist of a seamless knitted liner with a polyurethane (PU) coating and the Dyneema® Diamond Technology shell provides Level 5 cut resistance. This combination results in a glove with outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

“These gloves are intended for component handling in the glass, electronics, metal fabrication and general assembly industries,” explains James Arrowsmith, Polyco’s Professional Business Development Manager, “but unlike most Level 5 products, the liner with Dyneema® Diamond Technology does not need to be reinforced with glass fiber or steel. This provides enhanced comfort, dexterity and flexibility for the wearer.”

Stephanie Quilliet, Product Manager of Honeywell Safety Products adds that a feeling of freshness also contributes to wearer comfort. “Developing Personal Protection Equipment with high comfort and dexterity is paramount for us. We aim to ensure workers are protected with quality gloves.” At A&A Honeywell is exhibiting a new range of gloves that employ high visibility yarns and elastane with Dyneema® Diamond Technology. And again, the required cut protection level has been achieved without the use of glass fiber or steel.

Factors such as flexibility, dexterity and the cooling effect which contribute to wear comfort are assessed as part of an intensive collaboration process that licensee partners of DSM Dyneema go through in developing their products for market. This takes into account both the ‘active’ protection provided by cut and abrasion resistance, and the additional ‘passive’ security that true comfort allows.

“Our collaboration with DSM Dyneema is both productive and fruitful but also very friendly and down to earth,” says Niclas Wiklund. “The people at DSM are skilled on all levels and have special knowledge that is very meaningful in our development work. Our licensee partnership makes our work easier, since we have the same focus on creating better day-to-day safety for our customers.”

James Arrowsmith agrees. “DSM is a very important partner to BM Polyco and we look forward to working with the company on innovative products in the future,” he says. “The licensee partnership safeguards Polyco’s position in the cut resistant market and it is such co-operation that has made Dyneema® Diamond Technology a reality.”

At A+A, visitors will be able to experience for themselves the benefits of unique new gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology, and discover that comfort is indeed protection.

Further details of all DSM Dyneema partners with products at this year’s show can be found at: