N-Ferno Balaclava with Hot RoxErgodyne announced today the expansion of their N-Ferno® Extreme Warming Product Line to include the new, redesigned N-Ferno® 6970 Extreme Balaclava with Hot Rox™. This technologically advanced cold weather mask combats the damaging effects of cold air, controls moisture and warms to the core.

Cold air presents a serious threat to the body’s vital organs and systems. Helping prevent rapid loss of body heat, the new Hot Rox™ balaclava captures heat from each exhaled breath and brings it back to our body’s core -- easing breathing and allowing workers to maintain full lung capacity in the most extreme winter conditions.

How does it work? Once comfortably in place, the air leaving the mouth is directed through the chambers of the Hot Rox™ module, storing the heat and water vapor from the exhaled breath. As the wearer inhales, the cold ambient air travels back through the chambers of the Hot Rox™ module, picking up the stored heat and water vapor, so the air is humidified and warm as it enters the body.

“The new 6970 Extreme Balaclava with Hot Rox™ is a revolutionary, patent-pending technology that will change how workers feel about another eight hours in the ice box they call work,” said Tom Votel president and CEO of Ergodyne. “Increasing worker safety and productivity, the new balaclava will be available just in time for the imminent deep freeze.”

The N-Ferno® 6970 Extreme Balaclava with Hot Rox™ will be available December 2011 at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information, visit www.ergodyne.com or call 800-225-8238.

Key Features

  • 2-piece, 320g fleece design envelopes the face, neck and head
  • Built-in heat exchanger provides warm air for inhalation in even the most extreme conditions
  • Form-fitting design prevents eyewear from fogging
  • Adjustable mask with hook and loop attachments
  • Removable face mask
  • Patent pending
  • Easy maintenance: Machine Washable
  • Long Length, Black
  • One size fits most

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