From a crane high above ground to deep within a tunnel, the images that won awards in OSHA's Picture It!: Safe Workplaces for Everyone photo contest show both the diversity of workplaces in the U.S. and the varied means of achieving safe conditions in those workplaces.

OSHA received more than 300 submissions portraying a wide range of industries and activities.

The agency also held a separate contest challenging its staff members to submit their images of workplace safety and health. More than 50 submissions were received for this internal contest.

Winners were selected by an expert panel of judges that included Earl Dotter, photojournalist; Carl Fillichio, the Department of Labor’s Senior Advisor for Communications and Public Affairs; Kathleen Klech, photography director for Condé Nast Traveler magazine; and Shawn Moore, the chief photographer for the Department of Labor.

All of the winning photos are available at: