Shawn M. Galloway
Shawn M. Galloway

ProAct Safety, an international safety excellence consulting firm, announced its president and chief operating officer, Shawn M. Galloway, was recognized in the January 2012 edition of Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) as a leader in safety. He is one of 101 leaders named in the safety world, due to his thought leadership in safety and his ongoing weekly podcast, “Safety Culture Excellence.” The podcast is regularly listened to by thousands of safety professionals throughout the world.

Galloway, an international consultant, professional speaker and seminar leader, has assisted hundreds of organizations in achieving and sustaining excellence in safety, culture and operational performance. ISHN editor, Dave Johnson, said, “Shawn Galloway is showing the safety world the way to podcasting, having produced more than 200 podcasts to date. Shawn is also at the forefront of using social media for safety marketing.” Power 101 professionals listed by ISHN were chosen using criteria based on the person’s reach, participation and ability to influence the world of safety, as well as longevity in the industry and number of followers. More than 40 of the 101, including Shawn Galloway, are members of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

“Safety Culture Excellence,” hosted by Galloway, includes topics covering all aspects of the safety industry, emphasizing safety excellence—not just safety performance. Podcast topics come from listeners as well as his extensive experience with safety issues and ideas in many different industries. The purpose of the podcast is to challenge thinking about safety in the workplace and present internally-implementable ideas. Galloway believes it is the responsibility of companies like ProAct Safety to share safety excellence strategies. Safety is a fundamental right of every person, according to Galloway, and often a key to an organization’s success. This is also why he made the decision to offer the podcast for immediate access at no cost.

“If organizations are not excellent in something as important as safety, they will not be excellent in other areas of operational performance,” Galloway said. “Management’s ability to focus on vital priorities and values is demonstrated in their leading and lagging indicators of safety performance. Of course safety excellence presents a competitive advantage; safe employees at home are safe employees at work. However, it is also the most important thing we can do for our employees and those important to them. Safety is more than a program, buzzword, process or business focus. It must be integrated into both operational and personal decisions for excellence to be attainable.”
Galloway has a reputation for passion and perseverance when it comes to safety excellence according to Terry L. Mathis, founder and CEO of ProAct Safety. “We recruited Shawn in 2005 based on not only his passion for safety, but also for his ability to develop dynamic relationships with other people in the safety world, from board directors to hourly employees,” Mathis shared. “He has developed a way to deliver unheard-of results in safety and operational performance. He was originally hired to manage projects, and within a few years justified an offer of partnership in the firm.”

Galloway regularly studies leading safety ideas and concepts through books, articles, webinars and other professional development opportunities. “I owe it to my clients to present new safety excellence ideas as often as possible and serve as a leader in safety in any way I can,” he explained.  He sums up his personal philosophy of safety at the close of each podcast with his tagline, “In safety, prevention trumps reaction.”  Many of his listeners can recite this by memory and, according to Galloway, have adopted it as a focus for their companies.

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