Shawn GallowayProAct Safety, a recognized pioneer in safety excellence strategies, announced its president, Shawn M. Galloway, will join TalentClick host, Greg Ford, for a webinar on creating a top safety culture that leverages strategy and key measurements most organizations miss when attempting to improve safety performance or company culture. The webinar will be held 1:00 p.m. EDT on September 24, 2014. There is no charge to attend.

The webinar is designed to help listeners understand how important leaders are to the process of transforming a safety culture and ways leaders can make a difference. According to Galloway, because CEOs “own” a company’s culture, they are the ones who have the ability to transform culture in ways necessary to create a top safety culture. Safety is only one part of a corporate culture transformation, so it cannot be solely the responsibility of the safety leader. But a culture change that supports safety will also positively affect many other aspects of a company.

Galloway explained, “Cultures always influence the beliefs and behaviors of employees and contractors as they join the group. You need to manage the chemistry, climate and culture of your company, because results in any area of operational performance, including safety, will be directly dictated by those attributes of your business. Managing culture requires a strategy. Unfortunately, even most high-performing companies do not have a true strategy for managing safety excellence within their culture. Initiatives, programs, zero-based objectives and training are all viewed as strategy, but they are not strategy. Real strategy is a framework of choices the organization makes to determine how to capture and deliver value. Having a strategy means asking, ‘How do we win?’”

“Safety is only one part of a corporate culture transformation, so it cannot be solely the responsibility of the safety leader. ”

Galloway said when safety evolves where leaders and safety professionals focus first on capturing and delivering value, then workers become more engaged with both hearts and minds. A zero injuries achievement happens more naturally, without the injury count becoming the primary safety goal.

“One of the first steps to a strategy for improving your safety culture is learning what a top safety culture looks like, and this webinar will provide that vision for safety professionals,” Galloway said. Participants will receive a Safety Culture Audit Worksheet that helps identify and remediate specific safety issues.

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