Ergodyne Lead Dog programErgodyne has announced the winners of their annual Lead Dog program. Lead Dog qualifiers and winners are determined based on overall excellence in sales and marketing and are chosen from among Ergodyne's several independent sales agency partners.
"These road warriors pound the pavement every day on behalf of our Tenacious Work Gear®," said Tom Votel president and CEO of Ergodyne. "Our Lead Dog program was established to recognize their hard work and encourage their continued tenacity in the years to come."
The Ultimate Lead Dog [ULD] award goes to the top agencies demonstrating a strong mix of leadership, engagement and sales. To reflect Ergodyne's growing global sales force, the ULD award has been divided into two categories - North American and International. This year, there was a tie in both categories.
The 2011 North American ULD Winners are:
• Pacesetter Sales & Associates [Canada]
• Shur Sales & Marketing [US]

The 2011 International ULD Winners are:
• Work'n Safe [Belgium]
• Votre Premier Secours [France]
Most Valuable Dogs [MVDs] are individuals who have achieved a massive sale or accumulated sales during the year; penetrated a big, long term target with high upside; and/or broken into a new high potential market. 
The 2011 MVD Winners are:
• Lance Williamson [Shur Sales & Marketing]
• Marc Amy [ISK Industries]
• Josh Holmes [JDF Associates]
• Jason Lemke [Pacesetter Sales & Associates]
• Bob Halle [Halle Associates]
• Gilbert Koh [Polestar Marketing]
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