Vendor NewsErgodyne announced today the 2014 winners of their annual Lead Dog sales and marketing program. Lead Dog qualifiers and winners are determined based on overall excellence and are chosen from among Ergodyne's independent sales agency partners.

"Lead Dog acknowledges the tenacity of our global sales and marketing armies," said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. "These individuals and agencies are helping achieve our singular goal at Ergodyne: Make the Workplace a Betterplace™."

The Ultimate Lead Dog award goes to the top agency demonstrating a formational mixture of:

  • Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Sales

2014 Ultimate Lead Dog

Northcoast Sales Agency

“Ergodyne is one of a few unique companies who understands the support necessary to help Independent Mgrs. Reps thrive,” said Gene Besel, President of Northcoast Sales Agency. “They create an atmosphere where we can succeed in selling their products and push us to better ourselves as sales reps by giving us the tools to grow our market in a competitive environment. The "Lead Dog" award is their top award for sales, we are honored to win it this year with all the great reps they have in the field.”

The Ergodyne award for Most Valuable Dog (MVD) goes to individuals having reached these milestones:

  • Achievement of a massive sale
  • Huge accumulation of sales during the year
  • Penetration of a big, long-term target with high upside
  • The breaking in to a new, high-potential market

2014 Most Valuable Dog

  • Matt Schmidt // Shur Sales
  • Ron Fleener // Larrabee Co. Inc.
  • Rick Solis // JDF Associates
  • Chris Oliszewski // JDF Associates
  • Colin Dalziel // Pacesetter
  • Troy Ebbert // Ebbert & Co. Inc.
  • Matt Reese // ISK Industries

Our Most Valuable Inside Dog (MViD) are individuals working behind the scenes to support their outside sales force. The MViD award honors those who:

  • Go above expectations
  • Go beyond expectations
  • Consistently deliver excellence

2014 Most Valuable Inside Dog

  • Karen Lindsay // Ebbert & Co. Inc.
  • Britlee Dunn // Shur Sales
  • Paula Booker // ISK Industries
  • Brittlee Dunn // SHUR Sales
  • Entire inside sales team // JDF Associates

Congratulations to the 2014 Lead Dog winners! For more information on Ergodyne, visit or call 800.225.8238.

About Ergodyne

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