Chill-Its cooling productsErgodyne announced today the expansion of their Chill-Its® line, incorporating the revolutionary 6602 Cooling Towel into three of their top selling products. The unique technology features Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) material to offer a lightweight, low-profile solution that activates quickly by submerging in water (temperature of water does not matter) for less than one minute, resulting in hours of cooling relief. 

Providing a superior chill without the added bulk, weight and slime of conventional cooling solutions, Ergodyne’s three new products offer additional benefits, including:

• Chill-Its® 6705CT Evaporative Cooling Bandana with Towel & Hook and Loop offers breakaway, hook and loop closure for a secure and comfortable fit.

• Chill-Its® 6670CT Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat Neck Shade with Cooling Towel keeps the sun off your neck while delivering cool comfort.

• Chill-Its® 8935CT Evaporative Cooling Class Headwear Hi-Vis Ranger Hat w/ Cooling Towel provides a wide brim and vented mesh side panels lined with an advanced PVA material for the ultimate in cooling relief.​

“These patented, exclusive designs offer unique protection to beat the heat,” said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. “The PVA technology eliminates the sausage-like bulkiness found in traditional cooling technology and instead offers a lightweight, low-profile cooling solution.”

Ideal for use under hardhats and helmets as well as any outdoor/indoor worker who battles heat and fatigue on the job, these products are available now at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information, visit or contact our crackerjack staff at 1-800-225-8238.

About Ergodyne

Since 1983, Ergodyne has pioneered the development of products that Make The Workplace A Betterplace™. What started 28 years ago with just one product has grown into a line of top flight, battle-tested, tenacious work gear; all precision crafted to manage the elements, improve productivity, and provide protection.

The current lineup is extensive and constantly growing: ProFlex® Hand Protection, ProFlex® Knee Pads, ProFlex® Supports, Trex™ Footwear Accessories, Chill-Its® Cooling Products, N-Ferno® Warming Products, GloWear® Hi-Vis Apparel, Squids® Lanyards, Arsenal® Equipment Storage Systems, CORE Performance Work Wear® and SHAX® Portable Work Shelters. Learn more about Ergodyne’s extensive product line at or call 1-800-225-8238.