PIPProtective Industrial Products, Inc. (“PIP”) has been appointed as the newest DuPont licensee of DuPontTM Kevlar® fiber for use in gloves, sleeves and garments. Lightweight, cut resistant and durable, Kevlar® provides workers superior protection from cuts and career-ending accidents. PIP has two manufacturing facilities in the USA that produce gloves, sleeves, and garments made with Kevlar®.

“Becoming accredited as a licensed manufacturer of DuPont™ Kevlar® further strengthens PIP’s reputation for providing the safest personal protective products in the world. This relationship with DuPont Protection Technologies affirms PIP’s continued success as the leader in innovative hand protection, and solidifies our ability to bring the best products to our customers,” said Joe Milot, President of PIP.

Kevlar® is extremely strong. In fact, it is five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis. Since its invention over 40 years ago, Kevlar® has saved thousands of lives and expanded into the automotive, manufacturing, construction, aerospace and electronics industries. Kevlar® is engineered to provide premier cut protection from hazards such as glass, metal shards and sharp machinery. The lightweight yarns used help to improve manual dexterity and comfort for the wearer, allowing more ease at getting the job done right. With both cut and fire‐resistant properties, Kevlar® is the
ideal product for use where dual-hazard protection is needed.

For more information on PIP products made with Kevlar®, please visit our website www.pipusa.com or speak with your PIP Sales Representative.

About Protective Industrial Products

Protective Industrial Products, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of work gloves and personal protection equipment to industrial distributors nationally. PIP’s strategy is to Bring the Best of the World to You® by providing the highest value safety products available globally to all PIP customers. PIP is headquartered in Albany, NY and employs over 180 people nationwide.