ChemSW LiveChemSW, Inc. has announced a unique new Safety Inspection Live™ (SI Live™) solution that enables users to perform safety inspections using the most popular mobile handheld devices such as Apple® iPhones®, iPads®, Google® AndroidTM, etc. By eliminating duplicate transcription processes and enabling users to enter inspection data at the time of inspection, SI Live assures greater data accuracy and process efficiency.

Facility, Safety and Laboratory Managers can define their safety protocols, schedules and points of inspection while inspectors can use a mobile handheld device to record and synchronize the inspection information to a centralized SI Live system.

“Laboratory, facility and safety professionals have been asking us for a flexible, easy-to-use tool to help record inspections and report the results for auditing purposes. So we developed a software tool that enables them to replace their forms and conduct safety inspections anywhere, anytime they want,” states Brian Stafford, President of ChemSW.

“Most safety inspections are conducted using a clipboard,” he continues. “The data is typically transcribed into an electronic spreadsheet for reporting—a laborious and error-prone process. Our new Safety Inspection Live solution eliminates those issues. Now, lab and facility managers can manage their inspection programs online and use common mobile handheld devices for recording the inspection observations—from personal safety equipment to facility and work area inspections—that automatically uploads the data into SI Live for reporting. It’s fast, simple, and accurate.”  

According to Dave Hessler, ChemSW's Vice President of Technology, "Right now, organizations are inspecting many different items and performing those inspections in many different ways. SI Live enables all these different inspections to continue to be collected by different people at different times but now contained in a central database instead of scattered all over the organization in a variety of formats."

"SI Live is unique in a number of ways," Hessler adds. "It's the first tool of its kind built from the ground up to model and collect inspection data and also allow common reporting parameters. It is extremely flexible not only regarding what is being inspected but also controls when inspections are scheduled and where inspections are to be conducted. The central reporting capability is outstanding. The ability to perform remote data collection using smart mobile devices cuts the time it takes to perform and report inspections."

"Previously labs have approached inspection needs with paper-based solutions," explains Hessler. "The problem with such an approach is that its hard to know what's been done, hard to find the paper inspection later on, and hard to prove that you've been doing the inspection. SI Live not only enables the organization to easily make changes to inspection protocols, but it preserves old data alongside current data."

SI Live delivers a wide range of improvements to an organization’s safety inspection program which optimizes safety program integrity and promotes a safer work environment, including:

• Efficiently and reliably manage inspection protocols
• Logically defined inspection and audit plans (locations, schedules, routes)
• Accurately and efficiently input data directly to an inspection database
• Automated email reporting (scheduled reports and event triggered notifications)
• Efficiently track and manage noncompliant inspection observations and corrective actions
• Complete inspection history with audit trail tracking

SI Live is the newest application in the family of SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud-delivered vertical offerings from ChemSW, and provides users with an enterprise-level solution at an eminently affordable low cost of entry.

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