Product InnovationsCollection of data related to actual or potential incidents regarding HSE (health, safety and environment) or quality (HSEQ) is, at present, challenging and difficult. The result is that important data is not captured and taken hold of, which in turn causes unnecessary incidents that cost the public and the private sector a huge amount of money, and that expose employees to unnecessary risk. A brand new app can change all that.

The Norwegian company Mellora has developed the world's first open smartphone application, "HSEQ," for reporting non-conformance, accidents, near misses and improvement proposals related to safety and quality.

"An organization's HSEQ work is all about what you can improve," says CEO of Mellora, Trond Hansen. "Data capture has, by using 'HSEQ,' never been easier. One can use the app to register and submit HSEQ-reports with a few keystrokes. Since the code in the application is not linked to any database, one is not dependent on having invested in a special incident processing system to use the app. The receiver decide how to process the report further, either it is in the organisation's management system or manually."

Advantages with an HSEQ-app

"The HSEQ-app is a tool that increases the likelihood for HSEQ-reporting and thus increases the number of reports which in turn increases the opportunity for further continuous improvement and preventing unwanted incidents and accidents," Hansen explains.


The idea behind the app is that it shall be easy to report, and that everyone shall be able to do so quickly and without considering lots of criteria. "Smartphones are, as we all know, more or less about to replace traditional cellphones," Hansen points out with reference to the predictions from IMS Research*.

By using an iPhone or a smartphone with Android, every employee can use the "HSEQ" to choose among six different report types. In each different report, one will use the predefined categories, enter descriptive text and add images documenting the deviation, accident, near miss or preventive proposal.

"It cannot be done any simpler, and that is how it must be: fast and simple," the CEO says. "The analyzing work will be done by the receiver, perhaps in a complex computer system. This might be a heavy process, but the first reporting process must be easy; if not, the report most likely will never be written," he ends.

The app is available with settings for English, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese.

About Mellora

Mellora is a Norwegian company founded in 2012. The company's mission is to improve HSEQ-reporting processes. The company shall provide an innovative and easy-to-use HSEQ-app which increases the likelihood for systematic HSEQ-reporting from any organization's employees.